first noumic device

Registered Design: 4001243

Trademark: UK00002438755

IP rights Mr Perry Rabbitts

Photograph of Noumic device top view image. Hexagonal outer form made from silver and purple plastic, with four LEDs on top.

First Development

During 1999, Frost Electronics from Reading, UK. made the first electronic circuits having 2 coloured LED lights and a programmable microchip-galvanometer. It did provide a real-time galvanometers flexible enough for human beings. But, further development was delayed because Frost Electronics company relocated to America.

First Product Prototypes

During 2006, Ascenten Engineering from Ahmedabad, India. was engaged to develop the circuits and expanded the programming, design the outer casing and manufacture 2000 working Noumic devices.

Within a year, individual working devices were made and tested, and a sample batch of 30 was delivered.
As demonstration units they proved the concept works but they were too complicated to operate. Breathing mode was abandoned.

During 2009, 200 simpler working devices were delivered, however, they were unreliable even for demonstration purposes because parts easily became detached.

During 2010, batches of devices came with improving quality of construction and robustness. Best quality devices sold for £60/ unit.

Logo of Ascerten electronics.

Future Development

The stock of prototypes has been sold. To produce more would require a next generation of Noumic devices and a business angel type intervention.

BASIC plan £100k

£10k Update circuit
£10k Update programming
£10k Re-engineer product design
£10k Certification and testing
£15k Manufacture set up and moulding
£15k Insurances and legal
£10k Marketing and selling
£20k Getting a batch made

£mil plan

£200k Basic plan for multiple markets
£100k Marketing and promotion
£200k Cash reserve and Other
£500k Manufacture 20,000 devices @£25/unit.


Multiple products ready

Noumic logo monochrome purple design
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