Possible Uses for our Device

Applications for our Human nervous system Biofeedback Monitor.

This page lists the possible uses and applications for our Noumic Device and links to pages explaining these further.


Noumic Devices are capable of providing two types of bio-information which relate to activity within the Human Nervous System.

  1. It can work as a Skin Conductivity Monitor.

  2. It can work as a Hand Tension Monitor.

Noumic Device, Human nervous system Biofeedback monitor.

Noumic Device, Human nervous system Biofeedback monitor.Biofeedback

It is an innovative design for a Biofeedback Machine. Biofeedback professionals and enthusiasts may find this new, compact and inexpensive, instrument of interest.


Getting 'feedback information' as you engage in meditation can speed up the learning process, it can reveal the techniques that work for you and those that do not.


Learning skill for better and deeper relaxation can have health and well-being benefits; getting biofeedback information about the nervous system can speed up the learning process.

Specialist Interest Pages

There is a range of new-age self-development practices where we believe our device could be of interest

Electronic Biofeedback Gadget for monitoring the nervous system.
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