Noumic Device Relaxation Techniques

Using a Device to develop Relaxation Skills is a fairly new technique.

This page explains about using our Noumic Biofeedback Device to monitor Relaxation Exercises and suggestion for New Relaxation Techniques that it enables.

  1. The Device can help you learn the skill of progressive and sustained Relaxation of the muscles and nerves of the body.

  2. The Device can show how the Nervous System responds, moment by moment, during a Relaxation Exercise.

Our Noumic Relaxation Devices are designed to minimise the impact they have on people as they Deeply Relax.

It is simple to use, and you can practice Learning to Relax with it almost anywhere and in any position.

Relaxation Biofeedback Device in the palm of the hand. Man doing a Relaxation Exercise in bed while monitoring his nervous system. Man relaxing in bed using an electronic gadget to monitor the affect of his Relaxation Technique.

For Relaxation Practice a Noumic Device Provides Two Options?

1. A New Technique for mastering Relaxation Skills.

The Noumic Device can be used as a tool for developing extremely fine control of the hand muscles. You can learn to slowly tense the muscles and, of course, how to slowly and consistently relax them. What you learn can be applied to the whole nervous system, the body, and brain.

Normally we use our Hand Muscles, in fact all bodily muscles, by sending quick nerve signals (bursts of nerve energy) to either tense or relax them. Our Brain is in the habit of working this way; however, it uses up nerve energy fast, and done throughout the day, it can fatigue the whole nervous system. The purpose of this exercise is, you learn better how to control the nervous system. You do not get so fatigued because nerve energy is used more wisely. Your ability to relax improves, because you learn to do it more slowly.

The Exercise

  • Hand Tension Biofeedback Device, Noumic Biofeedback Machine in the palm of a hand, Holding an Electronic Gadget Hand Nerve Tension Monitor. Gently hold the Noumic Device. Then, very slowly, taking as long as possible increase your Hand Muscle Tension from gentle holding to fairly firm holding. But, never squeeze tightly.

  • Then take as long as possible to Relax your Hand Tension from the firm holding back down to gentle holding; but do not drop the Device.

  • The secret is to take as long as possible, do it slower and slower, and to make smooth and consistent change.

  • With practice, you feel and learn to control the pure Nerve-force in your hand; that is, Nerve Tension and Relaxation changes that do not actually affect the muscles.

2. Our Device can monitor the Human Nervous System as you Practice Relaxation Techniques.

  • Animation showing the changing balance of Relaxation and Tension. Moving diagram to demonstrate the energising and relaxing activity within the Human Nervous System. Long ago, Psychology research discovered that, there is a changing balance in the general level activity of the nervous system and brain. The general level of activity is either decreasing, we call this relaxation; or increasing, we call it energising. This balance of decrease and increase is happening all the time.

  • Psychology research also discovered that, the changing balance of nervous system activity is reflected in a changing level of electro-conductivity of the human skin. This phenomena is called the Electro-dermal Activity Response, EDA Response.
    The EDA response:-

    • Skin conductivity reduces as the nervous systems relax.

    • Skin conductivity increases as the nervous systems energise, or become more tense.

Noumic Device is a highly sensitive EDA skin conductivity monitor.
Therefore, during Relaxation Exercises it can provide feedback information that helps you assess how your Nervous System is responding.

How the Noumic Device Outputs Information

Noumic Device out-puts information either by sound signals, or by coloured light signals.

Light Mode

Each moment during a Relaxation Exercise one of three LED lights illuminate. Here is a brief explanation of what these coloured LEDs indicate.

Picture of the green LED light on a Noumic Device.Indicates that, in the last moment of Relaxation Practice, there was some increase in relaxation of the Nervous System; or a reduction in body tension.

Picture of the red LED light of a Noumic Device.Indicates that, in the last moment of Relaxation Practice, there was some increase in tension or energising of the Nervous System; or a reduction in body relaxation.

Picture of the white LED light of a Noumic Device.Indicates that, in the last moment of Relaxation Practice, there was absolutely no change in tension or relaxation of the Nervous System.

Normally, this only happens when very deeply relaxed; or during Profound Relaxation, when people experience altered states of consciousness, or supremely blissful states.

Sound Mode

Every 2 seconds during a Relaxation Exercise one of three sounds is made. Here are samples, and a brief explanation of what the sounds indicate.

Down Tone

Indicates that, in the last 2 seconds of Relaxation Exercise, there was some increase in relaxation of the Nervous System; or a reduction in body tension.

Up Tone

Indicates that, in the last 2 seconds of Relaxation Exercise, there was some increase in tension or energising of the Nervous System; or a reduction in body relaxation.

Level Tone

Indicates that, in the last 2 seconds of Relaxation Exercise, there was absolutely no change in tension or relaxation of the Nervous System.

Benefits of Monitoring yourself during Relaxation Practice.

Noumic Devices shows, on a moment by moment basis, whether the nervous system is responding appropriately or inappropriately to Relaxation Practice. With this information you know if it is best to continue, refine, or adjust what you are doing.

Are You Progressing with your Practice of Relaxation?

It is difficult to assess how well a Relaxation Exercise is going. Many Beginners give up because there is no way to assess if they are following Relaxation Instructions properly, or if they are making progress. There are many Relaxation Techniques, it is difficult to know which works best.

Some people, especially if they are new to Relaxation, are not sensitive enough to feel the affect of Relaxation Practice on their body. The experience can be disappointing because they don't know if the body has been affected positively.

The Noumic Device provides evidence that shows how the nervous system is responding. Beginners, and experts alike, can now assess how any Relaxation Technique affects them during each moment. This speeds up the learning process.
Our Device can give you some answers to the following:-

  • What Relaxation Position works best for you.
  • Where is it best to Relax.
  • When is it best to Relax.
  • Which Relaxation Technique works well for you?

Device is suitable for Deep Relaxation Practice

To Profoundly Relax it is necessary to learn control the mind. Very Deep Relaxation can lead to new mind-experience, and new self-understanding!

  • Noumic Relaxation Device in the palm of the hand. Beautiful Hand-held gadget that indicates the affect of Relaxation Practice on the body. Noumic Relaxation Exercise Monitor. To Practice Deep Relaxation we must stop everyday thoughts and mental activity, we must move attention away from the physical world around and from the body-senses.

  • Using the body-senses, in a limited way, is a technique for relaxation. For example, being aware of the breath. This uses a single aspect of one bodily-sense; however, the general use of the senses during Relaxation is avoided.

  • Having to look or listen to a sense stimulating device would interfere with the process of Deeply Relaxing.

    With our Noumic Device, you don't need to use your body-senses too much in order to take in the information it gives.

    • There are no dials or displays to fix your eyes on, you do not have to listen in a complex way.

    • In light-mode, there are just 4 coloured lights to see. There is no need to 'fix your eyes' on the lights; just gaze in the general direction and the colour changes indicate the essential information. In sound-mode, there are just 4 different basic sounds.

    • After using the device for a short while, you begin to know instinctively what its out-put signals mean, and you don't have to think about or analyse its information out-put too much

Relaxation Position

  • Buddhists teachers are experts in Relaxation. We are not suggesting you must follow their guidelines, but, if a Relaxation Device can be used while following them, then that is a good Device!

  • Buddhists recommend a sitting position, ideally cross-legged. They recommend hands on your lap, and eyes almost closed gently gazing downward. They say, stop listening to other things and engage in your Relaxation Practice uninterrupted.

  • Our Noumic Device, could be used even when following these Buddhist guidelines for Deep Relaxation Practice.

Noumic Devices can be used in almost any Place or Position

Man with a relaxation gadget, Noumic Relaxation Biofeedback Device, relaxing in with a cup of tea and a biofeedback relaxation monitor.
Relaxation Device, relaxing on the beach.
Garden Relaxation Exercise while holding a Noumic Biofeedback Device. Natural Relaxation Technique.

Profound Relaxation and the Extra-ordinary Response

Psychology Research discovered that, when Relaxation Experts achieve Supremely Relaxed 'Altered' States of Mind,' the balance of tension and relaxation in their nervous system behaves in an extraordinary way; it completely stops changing.

Data graph showing skin conductivity information gathered during a Deep Relaxation Exercise. Shows the balance of tension and relaxation in the Nervous system becoming completely static as a Supremely Relaxed 'Altered' State of Mind was achieved. This graphs shows data recorded during the development phase of our Noumic Devices. Our Device was held by an experienced Meditation Teacher, and also connected to a computer to record the data.

The graph shows the electro-dermal resistance (the inverse of Skin Conductivity) as he progressed in his Profound Relaxation Technique. In affect it shows his changing balance of tension and relaxation.

The Relaxation Expert was asked to aim for an Altered State of Consciousness, a supremely blissful state. He reported achieving this, lasting for approximately half a minute. The data shows an extraordinary 'levelling off,' where skin conductivity completely stopped changing.

This confirms the findings of Psychology Research. When people become super-relaxed, or experience Blissful Altered States of Mind their balance of tension and relaxation completely stops changing.

The Noumic Device's White Light or Level Tone Sound indicates when these special states occur. The Device can be used as a guide helping people to Practice Profound Relaxation.

Noumic Device also indicates 'Levels' Achieved

If, during a Relaxation Exercise, you manage to relax well and consistently the Noumic Device begins to indicate some extra information. It calculates, and indicates each time a new level in relaxation is achieved. The Device calculates 'success in relaxation' by adding or deducting points to its internal memory depending upon the changes it detects in the balance of tension and relaxation of the Nervous System.

  • Points are added for increases in relaxation.
  • Points are deducted for decreases in relaxation.
  • Double points are added if there is no change in relaxation.

By indicating 'levels achieved' the Noumic Device is, in affect, a Self-challenge Relaxation Game Device. The Levels Achieved function gives a guide to successful and improving Relaxation skills, it allows people to compare one Relaxation Session with another.

Young people and those new to Relaxation, may benefit from having this encouragement, or reward, when practicing the initial Relaxation Skills. It may motivate them to practice relaxing the Body and Mind for more than just a few minutes.

More about this function can be found in our User Manual - Levels Achieved web-page.

Suggestions for Relaxation Techniques

Beginners and experts in Relaxation may wonder which Technique to try with our Device. Here, briefly described, are two well-known Relaxation Techniques; and, we explain what to expect form our Device as you Practice.

Breath Awareness Exercise

Man meditating while holding a Noumic Device. Breath Awareness Relaxation Exercise being monitored by an electronic gadget. Practice of focusing attention on the Breath.

  • Bring your attention to the sensation of the Breath at some point in your body. For example, feeling the sensation of the air as in enters and leaves the nostrils.
  • Breath naturally, perhaps a little deeper and slower, but allow your breathing to flow naturally.
  • During the Relaxation Session try to keep your attention solely on the breath sensation. This develops concentration skills.
  • Normally, your mind wants to wander, but, this practice helps you develop the skill of bringing the mind under control.

Now if you were doing this Relaxation Exercise while holding the Device, how would it help?

  • Firstly, remember the exercise is to focus on the Breath not the Device.
  • The Device will show how your Nervous System responds during the exercise.
  • Hopefully, you will see a distinct calming of the Nervous System.
  • Hopefully, seeing this 'evidence' from the Device will prove that the exercise does affect your Mind and Body.
  • For beginners in Relaxation, this proof may stimulate them to practice again and again.
  • With experience your Concentration improves, and so does your Nervous System's calmness.

This seems like a simple Exercise, but it is really a good one to try again and again until you master it. With our Device you may be inspired to keep practicing, you may learn, perhaps for the first time, just how profoundly the nervous system does respond to the exercise.

Controlled Breathing Relaxation

This Relaxation Technique has some interesting beneficial affects on 'subtle' Energy Levels. It energises the Nervous System with an 'esoteric' energy known as 'Prana,' or 'Chi.'

  • Normally we breath in a 'less-than-ideal' way, perhaps erratically, perhaps too shallowly.
  • Our breathing becomes habitual and re-training our Breathing Technique can benefit our general level of vitality.
    • When we get anxious or tense our Breathing changes, when we relax our Breathing changes, perhaps deepens.
    • Now the reverse is true, if you artificially control your breathing it can affect your emotion, and your balance of tension and relaxation.
  • Practicing Rhythmic Controlled Breathing balances the Nervous system, as well as develops concentration skills.

Here is the exercise:-

  • Breath in and breath out Rhythmically. That is, the length of time of the in-breath and out-breath should be equal.
  • For example, as you breath in count 4, and as you breath out count 4.
  • Some recommend after your in-breath count 2 as you hold your breath, then breath out.
  • See what feels comfortable for you.

If you do this Breathing Exercise while holding our Device, what would you expect?

  • Because each person is different, this is an unknown factor.
  • Will this Rhythmic Breathing Exercise energise the Nervous System or Relax it?
    • You may expect this exercise to relax the body and mind, because this type of breathing has the affect of expelling stress from the body.
    • This exercise may energise the Nervous System with 'Prana' energy.
  • With the Device you will see how the Breathing Technique affects you.
  • You should see some profound changes to your balance of tension and relaxation.
  • Seeing your body respond may inspire you to keep practicing; it may prove to you the value of this Breathing Relaxation Practice.

Noumic Device in the palm of a hand. Electronic Gadget for monitoring Relaxation Exercise. Hand-held Biofeedback Monitor that shows the affect of Relaxation Techniques on the body. See how Relaxation Techniques affect your Nervous System

You can use our Device to monitor almost any Relaxation Technique.

  • Perhaps for the first time, you will discover how your body really responds, how its changing balance of Tension and Relaxation alters and calms down, or energises.

  • You might find out which Techniques work best for you! You might discover where and at what time it is best for you to Practice Relaxation.

We hope that, getting evidence of how the body and nervous system responds will motivate people to persevere with Relaxation Practice.

Relaxation Techniques to try with a Noumic Device.
How does your Balance of Tension and Relaxation change?
Which Technique works best for you?

  • Breath Awareness
  • Listening to Guided Relaxation Instructions
  • Listening to Relaxation Music
  • Sitting in Relaxing Positions
  • Special Breathing Practice
  • Visualisation
Relaxation Device, Electronic Gadget for monitoring the nervous system during Relaxation Exercises.
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