Psychic Development Device

Monitoring the Nervous System with a Biofeedback Device is helpful for Psychic Development.

Is there an electronic device suitable for enhancing Psychic Development?

We don't mean a device that imbues Psychic Ability, although that would be great. We mean, is there some sort of Device that monitors people as they try the various Psychic Development Techniques and that helps them assess if they are making progress?

An internet search reveals little. So, can there be an electronic tool to monitor psychism?

This page does not define Psychism or give a comprehensive range of Psychic Development Exercises. Here we explain a little about our Noumic Device invention and why we think it could be a helpful Psychic Development Tool.

Our Device is a neat, pocket-size Human Nervous System Monitor. We believe that having moment by moment information about activity within the Nervous System is a method for enhancing Psychic Development.

If you are interested in Human Psychic Development then please take a closer look at this page.

Psychic Development Device, Electronic biofeedback monitor of the nervous system, gives information helpful when practicing psychic training exercises.

Psychism is a Range of Possibilities

Cartoon man holding a Psychic Development Device. Handheld electronic gadget to monitor Psychic Exercise shows how the Nervous System is affected. Psychism is the use of the Mind; but, in different ways, that some consider extraordinary. There are methods for understanding the world around us, its people, and worlds beyond without the use of the normal physical senses. These methods come under the general term of Psychic Awareness, or Psychic Abilities.

The question is, is it really possible to detect when the Mind is in 'Psychic Awareness Mode'? Can a Device monitor the Mind sufficiently to detect when it is functioning 'beyond the Normal'? Perhaps a modern brain scanner could detect when the Mind is operating Psychically. However, for our purpose, is there a home-use device that is relatively inexpensive?

Could our Device Detect the Psychic Mind in Action?

This page explains a little about our Noumic Device, and why the inventor believes that some could find it a useful tool for Psychic Development Training. Here is his reasoning!

The brain and nervous system are closely connected and made up of millions of similar cells capable of rapidly transmitting electrical signals. Later, we suggest that there other Subtle Energies flowing in them. However, for now, we are suggesting that, Mind activity affects the Brain, and Brain activity affect the Nervous Systems.

Most Psychics believe that the Mind is more that just brain activity. We agree, many Psychic Experiences transcend the senses and the Brain. However, even during these experiences the Brain and Nervous System does behave differently, perhaps completely pacified and at peace, and this can be detected!

But normally, and certainly in the early stages of Psychic Development, it is largely the case that, Mind Activity is reflected in Brain Activity and Nervous System Activity. We suggest that, if it were possible to monitor the Nervous System, then indirectly you are monitoring the Brain and the Mind. In other words, monitoring the Nervous System is an indirect method of monitoring Psychic Activity occurring in the Mind.

Our Device is a Monitor of the Nervous System

Flowing through the Nervous System and Brain are millions of rapid electrical signals, monitoring all of these is impractical and the technology is not available. But there is another way for monitoring the Human Nervous System's activity.

Psychology Research made discoveries about monitoring Nervous System Activity.

  • Animation showing the changing balance of Relaxation and Tension. Moving diagram to demonstrate the energising and relaxing activity within the Human Nervous System. There is a changing balance in the general level activity of the nervous system and brain. This balance is changing all the time. At any given moment, the general level of activity is :-

    • Decreasing, we call this relaxation.

    • Or, increasing, we call this energising or tensing.

    • Or, non-changing, this is complete balance.

Psychology Research discovered an indirect way of monitoring the Nervous System.

  • Changes in the general level activity of the nervous system and brain correlate to changes in the level of electro-conductivity of the skin.
    This phenomena is called the Electro-dermal Activity Response, EDA Response.
    The EDA response:-

    • Skin conductivity reduces as the nervous systems relax.

    • Skin conductivity increases as the nervous systems energise, or become more tense.

    • Skin conductivity becomes static when the Nervous Systems achieve complete balance.

  • Normally, a static level of skin conductivity only happens for a moment or two. It remains static for longer periods only when people become Supremely Relaxed, or when the Mind disassociates from the Body. For example, during times of altered consciousness, or perhaps, when profound states of Psychic Awareness are experienced.

Noumic Device is a Skin Conductivity Monitor

Our Device can work in two ways. Its main function is as a highly sensitive Electro-Dermal Activity - Skin Conductivity Monitor. Therefore, it can provide information showing activity changes in the Nervous System, and it can do this instantaneously and continuously on a moment by moment basis.

Psychic Development Practice - How to use our Device

When you hold our Device it indicates changes that occur in the level of your skin conductivity; in effect, it shows the moment by moment changes in the activity of your Nervous Systems. If you were trying some Psychic Development Practice you would be able to see how your Nervous Systems were being affected. You would instantaneously know the moment by moment responses caused be that particular Psychic Technique or Practice. You would know if your Nervous Systems were getting closer to the peaceful states often associated with Profound Psychic Experiences.

Example - Developing Psychic Sight

Psychic Development Device, Electronic Biofeedback Monitor shows how the Nervous System responds to Psychic Training Exercises. Noumic invention, handheld, electronic gadget. Psychic Tool. Lets say someone is trying Psychic Techniques for developing their 'Third Eye', Psychic Sight, or Clairvoyance. One technique, that focuses the image processing functions of the mind and develops a special type of concentration, is to gently gaze into a Crystal Ball or Scrying Mirror.

You could try this many times without noticing any particular improvement or change. Not knowing if there are any changes occurring, or if the mind is subtly altering, can be quite disheartening.

Now, once you had learned to use our Device with a little skill, if you held it while trying this Psychic Exercise it would be able to 'tap into your Nervous System's responses'. The Device could provide the evidence showing precisely as your Nervous Systems starts to behave in new ways due to the concentrated mind effort and visual system's retraining. You may find that, as the inner Psychic Energies flow differently throughout your body, this impacts on your nervous system in many unusual ways.

Perhaps for the first time, people will have access to information from a Device that actually helps them to develop psychically. It may provide the evidence that stimulates them to keep going in their Psychic Training Exercise.

Of course advanced Psychics know of and can feel the subtle energies flowing and the nervous system responding to various Psychic Exercises. But for beginners, and the less aware, having a device revealing this could motivate them to keep practicing and improving.

Psychic Energy

Another way in which our Device can help to enhance Psychic Development.

A key factor for Psychic Development is the enhancement and control of the 'Subtle Energies' within the Human Body. The general term for these Energies is 'Psychic Energy.' The early Esoteric Writers knew of these Subtle Energies, they referred to them as Life-Force, Nerve Force, Vital Force, and Universal Energy. They knew that Subtle Energy could be absorbed into the body, and that the Human Mind could direct and control it.

Our inventor is interested in the early Esoteric Teachings, particularly those of Hindu and Buddhism origins. These refer to Psychic Energy as Prana, Chi, or the Inner Winds. There are misconceptions in the public's mind about the term Psychic Energy; so, in our website, we refer to the Psychic Energy that flows within people as 'Nerve Force Energy'. Learning to get more Psychic Energy (Nerve Force Energy) and learning to control it are ways for dramatically increasing your Psychic Ability Potential.

Diagram depicting the Magnetic Field around a man. An energy that surrounds people created by the flow of Psychic Energy within the Brain and Nervous Systems. Esoteric Science of Psychic Energy

  • There is a Subtle form of Energy (Psychic Energy) that flows throughout the Brain and Nervous Systems. We call it Nerve Force Energy.
    Psychic Energy (Nerve Force Energy) is not Electrical Energy, although it does have some similar properties.

    • It flows rapidly, and is stored, throughout the Nervous System and Brain.
    • It creates an Energy Field around the body, that is a type of Human Magnetism.
    • It can be transmitted to other people.
    • It can be transformed and transmitted a long distance away.

  • The Mind affects the flow of Nerve Force Energy and gives it an individual quality, or 'colours' it. Because each person is different, the word Personal Magnetism is often used. One's Personal Magnetism, for example, can be strong and vibrant or dull and lacking in vitality.

Source of Psychic Energy (Nerve Force Energy)

Diagram depicting Universal Energy entering the Earth's atmosphere where it transmutes into Life Force Energy. When this absorbed into the nervous system it becomes Psychic Energy (Nerve Force Energy). The Ultimate source of Psychic Energy (Nerve Force Energy) is Universal Energy.
We give here a metaphysical explanation:-

  • Fundamental Energy, or Universal Energy is a very Subtle Energy that exists throughout the Universe.

  • In the atmosphere of planets Fundamental Energy transmutes into a form that is easily absorbed by living things.
    This is then known as Life-Force or Vital Energy.

  • Living things absorb this Life-Force or Vital Energy from the air they breath and a little from the food they consume. Once absorbed into the Body it transmutes into Psychic Energy. (Nerve Force Energy)
    In the East, is known as Prana Energy or Chi Energy.

  • Psychic Energy (Nerve Force Energy) has some special qualities.

    • The Mind can control and direct it. By thinking and practicing certain techniques, it is possible to energise and send this Energy to different parts of the body. It is possible to increase the power, to 'charge up,' the Human Magnetic Field.

    • By touch and concentrated thought, it is possible to direct it into another person; this can have an energising and healing affect on them. (Psychic Healing)

    • The Mind can send out Human Magnetism Energy to some distance away.

    • Other people's Minds can feel, or sense, your Psychic Energy / Personal Magnetism.

There are methods for absorbing more Psychic Energy (Nerve Force Energy) and for strengthening and enhancing it. One method is to learn fine control of the muscles and nerves of the body. Practicing these methods dramatically improves potential for Psychic Development; and using our Device allows you to master this practice. We have a dedicated Personal Magnetism Web-page, which explains more about Nerve Force Energy / Human Magnetism and methods for developing it.

Meditation - Psychic Development

Learning to control the Mind can be a key factor for developing and improving your Psychic Abilities. There are many Psychic Exercises that are similar to Meditation Practices where you learn to concentrate and turn attention away from the out-side world. Our Device can help by monitoring your Nervous System as you try these Exercises.

Deep Meditation States of Supreme Mind Quietness can be developed. These create Mind Space where the latent psychic awareness abilities can grow naturally. We mentioned above that, when people become Supremely Relaxed, their balance of tension and relaxation behaves in an extraordinary way; it completely stops changing. Our Noumic Device can detect this, and its white light, or no-change sound, indicates when it occurs.

Probably Psychic Experience Mind States also cause this extraordinary affect! We have several pages about Meditation with our Device; see our Meditation Techniques Web-page where we show evidence that our Device can detect and indicate the extraordinary Nervous System Response to Profound Meditation Experiences.

Grow your own Spiritual Development

The inventor of our Noumic Device, is in the process of creating another web-site dedicated to presenting Spiritual Development concepts, ideas, and suggestions for exercises and practices. This is called In relation to Psychic Development, the first exercise on this web-site is for proper breathing, this is another method for enhancing your supply of Psychic Energy (Nerve Force Energy. We recommend that you take a look at the - Breathing Exercise page.

Psychic Development Device, Electronic Gadget for monitoring the nervous system during Psychic Training Exercises.

Noumic logo - self development technology

We hope that people interested in Psychic Self Development Techniques will find our Noumic Device interesting. However, we are not Professional Psychics.

We believe that, having biofeedback information from our Device could significantly assist people while practicing Psychic Exercises.

Psychic Professionals and Enthusiasts are welcome to try our Device, although, with less than 100 remaining we are not in a position to give free samples.

This invention could easily be developed to become an inexpensive New Age, Psychic and Meditation Device.

Noumic Inventions

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