Personal Magnetism Device

Developing Nerve Force Energy with the help of a Noumic Device.
An Exercise for Developing Human Magnetism

People familiar with the concept of Human Magnetism and its influence on mind and body performance may find our Noumic Device invention of interest.

To clarify, by Personal Magnetism or Human Magnetism, we do not mean charisma or personality characteristics. We refer to Human Nerve Force Energy that flows throughout the nervous systems and brain; this energy radiates out from the human body as a type of Bio Magnetism.

Nerve Force behaves in ways similar to electricity, although it is a more subtle energy. (Other names for it are Prana, Chi, and Vital Force)

There are methods for improving Nerve Force Energy which lead to an increase in power and influence of your 'Personal Magnetism.'

To develop Human Magnetism it is advisable to learn how to feel your Nerve Energy in action, and then practice controlling it. An exercise that helps you do this is Practice with the Nerves that control the Muscles of the Hand!

Developing Human Magnetism leads to:

  • Enhanced Mind Performance and improved Body Health and Vitality.
  • An Ability to Influence People, and enhanced potential for Spiritual and 'Esoteric' Development.
Personal Magnetism Device, Electronic Monitor of Hand Nerve Tension, Gadget that helps with the Hand Exercise for Developing Human Magnestism.

Developing Personal Magnetism

Device helps to develop Personal Magnetism, Electronic Monitor of Hand Tension, Gadget to practice the Hand Exercise for Developing Human Magnestism. Nerve Force Energy, flowing within the Brain and Nervous Systems, can be strengthened and enhanced, and this will affect your Human Magnetism.

How Nerve Force Energy is used and what you do with your mind, affects the quality, or 'colours' your Human Magnetism; it gives it unique and individual qualities, this is Personal Magnetism.

Techniques that Develop Nerve Force Energy - Personal Magnetism

  • Learn how to get more Nerve Force Energy into your body.
    Breathing Exercise: Proper, full, and Rhythmic Breathing Exercise, the method for absorbing more Nerve Force Energy into the body.
    Our Breathing Page Can Help

  • Learn how to absorb more Nerve Force Energy, how to distribute and store it within the Brain and Nervous Systems.
    Hand Tension Exercise: Instructions below, and our Noumic Device electronic gadget can help.

  • Learn how to use Nerve Force Energy wisely, stop leaks and wastage.
  • Learn Mind Skills (Concentration, Good-heartedness, Wisdom) that will affect the quality and effectiveness of your Nerve Force.
    Our Other Website May Help

Hand Tension Exercise

The main purpose of this page is to explain a Hand Nerve-tension Exercise that develops Nerves Force Energy / Human Magnetism. The exercise comes from the book Instantaneous Personal Magnetism, by Edmund Shaftesbury.

He recommended holding a thick stick while doing this Personal Magnetism Exercise, we are suggestion that holding our Noumic Device will add a new dimension while practicing this exercise. With our palm-size gadget you can practice in a more informed way and master the exercise quicker. Learn the subtle, experiential based, wisdom about the body that this exercise reveals.

Hand-held Nerve Tension Monitor. Electronic Device for practicing the Human Magnetism Exercise, Gadget for Developing Persona Magnetism. This Hand Exercise shows the difference between using the Mind merely for moving the Hand Muscles and using the Mind to Energise Nerve Force in the hands. Certain meditation and contemplation practices develop 'Mental Magnetism.' By practicing this Hand Nerves Exercise you can learn how to generate far more Nerve Force Energy, 'Physical Human Magnetism.'

  • Gently hold the Noumic Device. Then gradually increase the gripping nerve energy, not by a series of increases, but by the smooth flow of additional force.

  • Increase very gently and slowly. In-fact so slowly that you hardly affect the muscles. Then release gently and slowly. Never squeeze the Device tightly as this will damage it, and defeat the purpose of this exercise!

  • Keep practicing and, soon, you will 'feel' the hand nerve energy in action. Using the nerves in this way generates Human Magnetism Power in abundance.

  • Once you learn this in the nerves of the hand, you can apply it to other nerves in the body.

  • It is the increase in the Nerves Energy flow and the margin that is left without reaching muscular tension, that generates Human Magnetism. And it generates it rapidly and in great quantity.

From, 'Instantaneous Personal Magnetism', by Edmund Shaftesbury
Lessen 37: The Stick Exercise

  • Find something to hold, like a thick stick or broom handle. Instead of grasping the stick tightly, take hold of it as lightly as you can and retain it. Here the hand is relaxed.

  • Now add the least bit of power to your hand as you hold the stick. Then gradually and slowly add more, not by a series of increases, but by the smooth flow of additional force; and keep this going as long as you can do so, without reaching that degree of grasp that is required for muscular tension

  • When the increase in nervous flow approaches the force used by the muscles, stop. Never go as far with the nerves as the muscles go in their tension. This margin leaves the flow wholly nervous.

  • Now it is this increase in the nervous flow and the margin that is left without reaching a muscular climax, that generates magnetism. And it generates it rapidly and in great quantity.

  • The question arises, have you caught the meaning and the importance of this distinction? The principle of life cannot be explained, yet it is a process constantly generating Human Magnetic Power. Many persons have so mastered the physical tensing exercises that they could feel the life principle at work within them.

You-tube - Nerve Force Energy Training.
Personal Magnetism Hand Exercise

Science of Nerve Force Energy / Human Magnetism

Not Electricity but similar properties

Diagram depicting the Human Magnetic Field. Personal Magnetism an energy that surrounds people. Nerve Impulses, within the brain and nervous systems, are electrical energy created by chemical processes within the body. However, when referring to Nerve Force Energy and Human Magnetism, we do not mean Electrical Energy in the body, although it does have some similar properties. We refer to a more subtle form of 'Universal Energy'.

  • Flows rapidly throughout the Nervous System and Brain.
  • Creates an Energy Field around the body, Human Magnetism.
  • Its energy can be transmitted to other people.
  • Can be transformed and transmitted a long distance away.
  • The Mind of the person influences their Nerve Energy and Magnetism, and this can be felt by others.
  • If Human Magnetism is developed it becomes more powerful and can positively influence other people.

Source of Nerve Force Energy

Diagram depicting Universal Energy or Cosmic Energy entering the Earth's atmosphere where it transmutes into Life Force Energy or Vital Force. Nerve Force Energy is a more Subtle form of Energy than electricity.
The Ultimate source of Nerve Force Energy is Universal Energy, or Cosmic Energy.

We give here a metaphysical explanation:-

  • Fundamental Energy, or Cosmic Energy is a very Subtle Energy that exists throughout the Universe.

  • In the atmosphere of planets Fundamental Energy transmutes into a form that is easily absorbed by living things.
    This is then known as Life-Force or Vital Energy.

  • Living things absorb this Life-Force or Vital Energy from the air they breath and a little from the food they consume.
    It is also known as Prana Energy or Chi Energy.

  • Life-Force or Vital Energy, once absorbed into the Body transmutes into Nerve Force Energy.
    Other terms for Nerve Force Energy is Prana or Chi.

The Mind, Nerve Force Energy - Human Magnetism

A major distinction, between Nerve Force Energy and electrical energy flowing in the nerves, is that the Mind affects Nerve Force in several ways.

  • Diagram depicting the Nerve Energy Systems of the Human Body and Brain.

    What the Human Minds does affects the flow Nerve Force Energy and its Quality. The Mind gives a Personal Quality, or 'colours,' the Magnetic Energy. Each person has an individual and unique Personal Magnetism Energy. For example, a Personal Nerve Force Energy can be strong and vibrant, or dull and lacking in vitality.

  • The Mind can control and direct Nerve Force Energy. By thinking, and practicing certain techniques, it is possible to energise and send this Energy to different parts of the body. It is possible to increase the power, to 'charge up' the Human Magnetic Field.

  • By touch and concentrated thought, it is possible to direct Nerve Force Energy into another person; this can have an energising and healing affect on them. The Mind can send out Human Magnetism Energy to some distance away.

  • Other people's Minds can feel, or sense, your Nerve Force Energy / Personal Magnetism.

  • Ultimately, it is Mind that controls the Muscles and Senses. Nerve Force Energy is the link between the Mind and Nerve Activity.
    Nerve Force Energy is involved with:

    • Every nerve impulse and muscle movement.

    • Workings the bodily senses.

    • Conscious and unconscious thinking, and will power.

    • Feelings and emotions.

Grow your own Spiritual Development

Our inventor, is in the process of creating another web-site dedicated to presenting Spiritual Development concepts, ideas, and suggestions for exercises and practices. This is called In relation to Personal Magnetism, the first exercise on this web-site is for proper breathing. This is another method for enhancing your supply of Nerve Force Energy, we recommend that you take a look at the - Breathing Exercise page.


Personal Magnetism Device. Electronic Device for monitoring Hand Nerve Tension whilst practicing the Human Magnetism Exercise.
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People familiar with the concept of Personal Magnetism may find this web-page of interest. It refers to a Hand Exercise Technique that develop Nerve Force Energy and Human Magnetism. This Hand Exercise can be combined with the use of our Noumic Device invention.

The inventor, Mr Rabbitts, recommends the following books :-
Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
by, Edmund Shaftesbury
Theory and Practice of Human Magnetism
by, Theron Q. Dumont

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