Hand Muscle and Nerve Tension

Our Noumic Device can precisely monitor changes in Tension and Relaxation of the Hand Nerves and Muscles.

You can use our Noumic Device to practice extremely fine control of the Hand Muscles and Nerves. What is learned can be applied to the whole body.

It is a tool for training the Brain and Nervous Systems. Once you learn this new way using your Nerves many benefits will come. Instead of wasting Nerve Energy, it will be strengthen and energised.

As a Hand Tension Biofeedback Monitor it instantly indicates, moment by moment, whether your hand tension is increasing, decreasing or staying the same.

Let us be clear, our Device can detect the tiniest of changes and tension, even changes that are not perceptible to the human eye.

Hand tension biofeedback monitor, Noumic Device held in the palm of a hand.Hand Tension Biofeedback Device

Purpose of our Hand Tension Biofeedback Device

Animated diagram showing the coloured lights on a Noumic Device biofeedback monitor, explaining what they indicate about changes in hand tension. Increase in hand tension gets a red light, decrease gets a green light.Normally we use our Hand Muscles, in fact all bodily muscles, by sending quick nerve signals (bursts of nerve energy) to either tense or relax them. Our Brain is in the habit of working this way; however, it uses up nerve energy fast, and done throughout the day, it can fatigue the whole nervous system.

By practicing with our Noumic Device you can learn to re-train your Brain. With the Device you practice making tiny consistent change to the hand tension. This way, the brain works differently, sending nerve energy to the hand in a sustained and controlled way. Nerve energy is not used up in quick bursts, but it builds and develops. The brain and hand nerves are trained in this way, and what you learn can be applied to all parts of the body.

With practice, you learn to control pure nerve-force changes in your hand, that is nerve tension changes that do not actually affect the muscles.

The inventor believes that, this type of Nerve-Training is a method for profound self-developing. You learn to generate, distribute, and store in the body, more of that mysterious human power of Nerve Force Energy (Also known as, Life-Force, Vital Force, Prana, or Chi). There are probably more applications for this hand monitor yet to be realised.

Animated diagrams: Showing a Noumic Hand Tension Biofeedback Device responding to changing hand pressures.
Hand tension increases = Red light, decreases = Green light, no change = White light.
If there is consistent slow release of tension then the blue light illuminates.

Self-development Practices with our Device

Simple animation showing the Noumic Device working as a hand tension biofeedback monitor. Increase in hand tension gets a red light, decrease gets a green light. 1 - Learn to make incredibly small, consistent and prolonged increases and decreases in hand pressure.

It has been claimed that, this special training of the nerves of the hand is a method of improving the whole nervous systems of body and mind.
You see, instead of the quick tensing and relaxing, you learn a more gentle approach which builds up 'nerve-force' energy rather than simply using it up. Once you learn fine control of the nerve energy flowing through your hands you can then apply this skill to the whole body.

The Exercise

  • Gently hold the Noumic Device. Then gradually, very slowly, increase your Hand Muscle Tension from a state of gentle holding to a state of fairly firm holding; never get to the stage of squeezing tightly. Practice increasing tension slower and slower.

  • Then take as long as possible to Relax your Hand Tension from the firm holding to a state back down to gentle holding; but do not drop the Device. Practice relaxing slower and slower.

  • The secret is to take as long as possible, and to make smooth and consistent change.

  • With practice, you feel and learn to control the pure Nerve-force in your hand; that is, Nerve Tension and Relaxation changes that do not actually affect the muscles.


2 - Learn to move the body whilst controlling hand pressure.

While engaging in gentle Body Movement Exercises, exercises that develop body suppleness and improve mental concentration skills, it is possible that your movements will be causing hidden tension in the fingers and hands. Our Device can be held to indicate how the Hand Tension is changing while the rest of the body is working. You can ensure that the hands remain Relaxed as you perform Body Movement Exercises.

For example, when slowly lifting an arm from your side to above the head and then back again. Normally, you would not know if the Hand Tension was affected, with our Device you know at each stage of lifting your arms how the hand tension is changing. You can learn to control that hand tension as you do the arm lifting exercise.

Simple animation showing the Noumic Device working as a hand tension biofeedback monitor. Increase in hand tension gets a red light, decrease gets a green light. The Exercise

  • Hold the Noumic Device while you are engaging in gentle Body Movement Exercises.

  • As you do the Body Movement Exercises aim to keep your hand at a consistent level of Tension and Relaxation.

  • Be very careful not to drop the Device or squeeze it too tightly.

Controlling Nerve Energy / Health and Well-being

There are products that you squeeze tightly; it is claimed that this releases body stress and psychological tension.
Our device is NOT to be used this way!

With our Device you practice gently tensing and gently releasing your hand muscles, or practice moving the body while controlling hand tension. Psychologists recommend progressive muscle relaxation practice as a means of coping with stress and anxiety, they say there are health and well-being benefits from practicing proper relaxation. Here we are not making health claims!

Our inventor believes that, developing Hand Nerve Control will have benefits, especially if you apply what you learn to the whole body. It will generate more Energy within the Nervous System which will have an energising affect on the Brain and Body. It will make more energy available to the Mind, and this increases its potential for 'mysterious' types of development and new mind-experience.

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