Meditation with Devices

Using a Device to monitor how the body and mind responds during Meditation is a fairly new technique.

Why meditate and what Meditation Techniques to try, are questions we do not answer here. On this page we discuss the potential problems with using Electronic Machines, gadgets, and computer based systems for monitoring yourself during Meditation.

We explain how our Noumic Device invention is designed to minimise the impact it has on people as they Meditate.

You might think that using an electronic body monitor would interfere too much with meditation! But, our Meditation Machine is simple to use, and the information it gives does not overload your brain!

Noumic Meditation Devices are high tech gadgets that monitor your body and nervous system with extreme sensitivity; they perform complex calculations rapidly and out-put information almost instantaneously.

Noumic Meditation Device, an electronic Machine for Meditation. Beautiful, pocket-size, gadget. Nervous System Monitor, EDA Skin Conductivity Monitor

Categories of Electronic Devices that claim to be Meditation Tools

  • Some 'Mediation' Devices are designed to stimulate the eyes, ears, or other senses in ways that have a calming affect on the mind and body. They artificially stimulate the senses, which has the affect of subduing or pacifying the nervous system. If it is relaxation you seek then these may help. However, if by Meditation you mean learning to use your mind in a controlled way, then using these 'sense stimulation devices' could be counter-productive.

  • Some devices and computer based systems monitor several physiological responses during meditation. They out-put complex data which requires a lot of brain-power to interpret. These are suitable for medical professionals, and usually very expensive. However, for self-use during meditation they are not practical, your brain cannot relax and still absorb the information they give.

  • Some Meditation Monitoring Systems display data on a screen, or link the information they gather to visual activity on the screen. The problem with these is that, you have to watch them and visually process the information, so important areas of the brain simply cannot 'switch off' and relax. Having to be sat in front of a computer watching, limits the mind's potential for meditation.

Problems with using Meditation Devices

Meditation requires a relaxed body and mind. If a device stimulates the senses, or requires mind-attention, then isn't using it during meditation counter-productive?

Yes we agree! During Meditation body and brain should be as free as possible to relax.
Noumic Device, is so simple to use and holding it gently in your hand doesn't distract you too much.
The information it out-puts does not overload your brain, and, after a while, you know instinctively what its out-put signals mean.

Meditation is a mind activity. Why use a device during meditation to monitor my body, isn't it my mind you should be monitoring?

Psychology research proves that, activity of the mind does affect the nervous system!
In the nervous systems there is an ever-changing balance of Tension and Relaxation. Activity of the mind cause change to this balance, this can be monitored.
Our Noumic Device is capable of indicating this changing balance of Tension and Relaxation in the nervous system as people Meditate.

Is a device giving simple information sufficient to actually helps my Meditation Practice?

Yes, simply information is sufficient and it does not over-load the brain during Meditation.
Simply showing how the balance of Tension and Relaxation is changing within the Nervous System is very useful information!
We believe that, moment by moment information simple information is enough to make a learning meditation easier.

Meditation can lead to altered states of consciousness, even spiritual development. Can a Meditation Device detect these?

Yes, because the Nervous System behaves in an extraordinary way during Altered States!
Psychology research discovered that, the Balance of Tension and Relaxation within the nervous system completely stops changing when people achieve 'Altered States' during Meditation!
Our Noumic Device indicates when this occurs, and shows progress being made towards balancing the Nervous System!

Requirements for a proper Meditation Device

In our opinion, for Profound Meditation, a device should not over-stimulate the senses!

  • The Profound Purpose of Meditation is to learn control the mind and it leads to new mind-states, mind-experience, and new self-understanding. We do this by learning Concentration, and Contemplating Wisdom concepts. For this we must stop everyday thoughts and analytical processes, we must stop thinking about the physical world around us, and move attention away from the body-senses.

  • Using the body-senses, in a limited way, is a method for training the mind in concentration; for example, being aware of breathing or feeling your pulse at the fingertips. This uses a single aspect of one bodily-sense; however, the general use of the senses during mediation is avoided.

  • As meditation requires turning attention away from the body-senses then, having to look or listen to a sense stimulating device, or watch a computer screen, would be counter-productive to the process of Meditating.

Man in a sitting Meditation Position holding a Noumic Meditation Machine. Hand held Electronic Device for Meditation. Noumic Meditation gadget being used to monitor the nervous system as a man meditates. Meditation Devices should be usable no matter what Meditation Position you take.

  • Buddhists teachers are experts at meditation. We are not suggesting you must follow their guidelines, but, if a Meditation Device can be used while following them, then that Device is good!

  • Buddhists recommend a sitting position, ideally cross-legged, but a chair is OK. They recommend hands on your lap, and eyes almost closed gently gazing downward or closed if you must. They say, stop listening to other things and engage in your meditation uninterrupted.

  • Most Meditation Machines, Devices, or Systems restrict your body position, and using them interrupts the process of Meditation. To absorb, interpret, and assess information they give, you must listen or watch them closely. In truth, in would be impossible to use them while following these Buddhist guidelines!

  • Our Noumic Device, however, could be used while following these Buddhist guidelines for Meditation Practice.

Noumic Devices can be used in almost any Meditation Position

Man in bed holding a Noumic Meditation device. Hand-held Electronic Gadget for Meditation being used by a man whilst meditating in bed.
Close up showing a Noumic Meditation Machine held in the palm of a hand. Beautiful, mystical design, Electronic Device for Meditation. Meditation Gadget.
Man in the garden surrounded by bluebells holding a Meditation Device. Thai Man Meditating in a nature garden while using a Electronic Gadget that monitors his Meditation.

Useful Information For Meditation?

In our opinion, a Meditation Device should be able to monitor the mind!

  • Too much information would interfere with Meditation Practice. So, what is the essential, perhaps the minimum, information a Device can give and still be helpful? Perhaps monitoring brain activity is the obvious answer for getting mind-activity information, however, current technology requires intrusive head-electrodes and complex computer connections. Directly monitoring brain activity is too complicated, intrusive, and out of question price wise!

  • Mind activity certainly affects the brain and, also, affects the nervous systems! The brain and nervous systems are made up of similar nervous tissue that allows millions of electrical nerve-signals to flow rapidly between cells. There are too many electrical nerve-signals to monitor individually, so, we need to find a general response from the brain and nervous system that can be monitored and which reflects what the mind is doing during meditation!

  • Animation showing a changing balance of Relaxation and Tension. Moving diagram to demonstrate the energising and relaxing activity within the Human Nervous System. Psychology research discovered that, there is a changing balance in the general level activity of the nervous system and brain. The general level of activity is either increasing, we call it energising; or decreasing, we call this relaxation. This balance of increase and decrease is happening all the time.

  • Amazingly, psychology research also discovered that, the changing balance of nervous system activity is reflected in a changing level of conductivity of the skin. This phenomena is called the EDA response, Electro-dermal Activity Response.
    Summarising the EDA response:-

    • Skin conductivity increases as the nervous systems energise or become more tense.

    • Skin conductivity reduces as the nervous systems relax.

  • Moving from being restful to doing some activity, significantly energises the nervous system. However, even remaining at rest, the nervous system still continues its ever changing balance of energising and relaxing; to a lesser degree, but, this still happens. And, this is reflected in skin conductivity; even when we at rest, skin conductivity continues to fluctuate, up and down. The actual change in the level of conductivity is tiny, microscopic even, but it can be measured quite easily.

Monitoring EDA skin conductivity is a suitable method of assessing how the nervous system responds during meditation

  • There a several designs of Machines, Devices and Computer-based systems that Monitor Electro-Dermal Activity, they show what the general level of Skin Conductivity does over a period of time. However, with them it is difficult to assess what is happening to skin conductivity from one moment to the next.

  • Knowing your level of skin conductivity at the beginning and then some time later is helpful to a degree, although is it helpful enough? Your individual moments of meditation will not show up!

In our opinion, you need to know your moment by moment responses to Meditation

  • The mind works quickly! Thoughts, feelings and distractions, can pop up and disappear in an instant; and, your nervous system really does respond just as fast! In our opinion, for monitoring Meditation Practice you need to be able to monitor individual moments of mind activity.

  • We believe you need a device that can capture your nervous systems responses to momentary changes during meditation, and one that will show you instantaneously.

  • With instant, moment by moment information as you meditate, you know if the nervous system is responding appropriately; and, you will know when the nervous system is responding inappropriately. With this information you will be able to refine, or adjust, what your mind is doing as you proceed in a Meditation Exercise. This speeds up the learning process.

Why our Device is a suitable Meditation Machine

Meditation Device in the palm of the hand. Pocket-size Electronic Machine for Meditation. Meditating Monitor, a beautiful handheld Electronic Gadget. Electrodermal Activity EDA Monitor. Skin Conductivity Monitor. Our NOUMIC DEVICE invention was developed specifically to be a Tool suitable for developing Profound Meditation skills. In summary, here are its Meditation Machine Unique Selling Points.

  • It is a highly sensitive, self-calibrating, EDA skin conductivity monitor.

  • It gives instantaneous EDA information for each and every moment during Meditation.

  • It is small and comfortable in the hand. Therefore, it can be used almost anywhere, and in any meditation position; sitting, laying down, even while going for a 'Mindful Walk.'

  • You don't need to use your body-senses too much in order to take in the information it gives.

  • There are no dials or displays to fix your eyes on, you do not have to listen in a complex way.

    • In light-mode, there are just 4 coloured lights to see. There is no need to 'fix your eyes' on the light display; just gaze in the general direction and the colour changes indicate the essential information.

    • In sound-mode, there are just 4 different basic sounds.

  • After using the device for a short while, you begin to know instinctively what its out-put signals mean, and you don't have to think about or analyse its information out-put too much.

On this page we have not explained how the Noumic Device out-puts information, or how to use it during a Meditation Exercise. This information is given on our Meditation Techniques web-page.

Profound Meditation can lead to Altered States of Consciousness, even enhanced spiritual development. When people achieve 'Altered States,' the balance of tension and relaxation in nervous system behaves in an extraordinary way, it completely stops changing. This aspect, and how our Noumic Device is able to detect it, is explained on our Altered State of Consciousness Device web-page.

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