Meditation with Biofeedback

Noumic Device was designed as a Biofeedback Monitor for Meditation

As people engage in Meditation Practice it is helpful to know how the body and nervous systems are responding; this is where Biofeedback Monitors can help.

Getting 'feedback information' as you engage in meditation can speed up the learning process, it can reveal the techniques that work and those that do not work for you as an individual.

If you teach Meditation, then getting biofeedback information from your students will reveal how their body and nervous systems are responding to your guidance.

Our Noumic Device is a super sensitive EDA monitor that indicates, in real-time, changes that occur to the level of skin conductivity.

Psychology research found that human skin-conductivity is a good indicator of 'subtle' activity occurring within the body and nervous systems.

Skin conductivity increases as the body and nervous systems energise or become more tense. Skin conductivity reduces as the body and nervous system relaxes. Psychology calls this the EDA response, Electro-dermal Activity.

Noumic Biofeedback Meditation Monitor with four coloured lights that indicate changes in EDA skin resistance. An electronic gadget, Biofeedback Monitor for Meditation.

Noumic Biofeedback Meditation Monitor

A handheld Biofeedback Meditation Monitor. Noumic Biofeedback Monitor with its green light inicating reduced skin conductivity, which signifies more relaxation. A Noumic Device rapidly and precisely monitors the body, yet it is easy to use, and its information out-put is simple. Using it during Meditation Practice does not overly distract your mind.

The device provides essential Biofeedback Information, on a moment by moment basis, that you can use to assess how your body and nervous systems are responding during meditation. Lots of information, or complex information, would require your thinking mind to analyse too much and this would distract you from the meditation exercise itself.

The device does take in an immense amount of data from your body, but, it restricts information out-put to 4 essential things. These 4 bits of out-put information are indicated by either 4 different coloured LED lights or 4 different sounds. After a short while using the device you begins to know, almost instinctively, what these 4 out-put signals mean; your analytical and interpreting mind can relax.

Essential Biofeedback Information During Meditation
4 things about your body and nervous system that this device instantly indicates, on a moment by moment basis

  1. If they have become more relaxed.
  2. If they have become less relaxed.
  3. If there was absolutely no change in relaxation.
  4. If for a period of time you have become 'generally,' or on average, more relaxed and to what level.

How to use our Biofeedback Monitor during Meditation

Man listening to Meditation instructions while holding a Biofeedback Device. Using a handheld EDA Biofeedback Meditation Monitor.

Hold the Noumic Device comfortably in you hand, not tightly, and in a position where your hand can be still and relaxed. Begin your Mediation Exercise, for example, listen to meditation instructions or suitable music. Gently gaze at the lights, or if using it in sound mode you can have eyes closed. Be gently aware of the information the device is out-putting. It will continually indicate, on a moment by moment basis, whether your body and nervous system is relaxing, or energising, or remaining absolutely balanced.

From the biofeedback information out-put by Noumic Device you will know, have 'scientific' evidence as it were, of the affect your Meditation Practice is having on you. You will know, instantly when your body responds, even the minutest of responses will show up.

If learning to Meditate or Teaching Meditation then this, real-time, instantaneous body response information will be of benefit. It may speed up the learning process, it will show the Meditation Techniques that work well and those that need to be practiced more. Before, it was difficult to know whether the body was responding appropriately to Meditation, with our EDA Biofeedback Monitor evidence is provided.

Using our Biofeedback Meditation Monitor should not distract the mind too much. The aim should be calming the mind, and perhaps gaining control it, not distracting it away from its purpose. Normally, electronic devices distract the mind, we want our meditation device to help you learn the art and skill of self control, and deep bodily relaxation. We hope that, in future, it will help new generations succeed with Meditation.

Amazing Biofeedback Discovery
During Deep Meditation and States of Altered Consciousness

Generally, our Electrodermal Activity, EDA skin conductivity constantly changes. During meditation the rate and degree of change reduces, but, it never completely stops changing for anymore than perhaps just a moment.

Psychology biofeedback research discovered something amazing happens to skin conductivity during deep meditation and when certain 'Altered' States of Consciousness are induced by meditation. They found that, the EDA skin conductivity does stop changing completely, signifying a 'completely' balanced nervous system, during the special calmness of mind that is associated with deep meditation and 'altered' states of consciousness.

Only during deep meditation, and generally only meditation experts achieve this, does skin conductivity stop changing, this is accompanied by states of mind that are very peaceful, calm, and content. Now the question is, why don't more people have these profound and amazing experiences during Meditation?

We do not answer this question here, but draw your attention again to the fact that our Noumic Biofeedback Meditation Monitor indicates, specifically when there are periods, whether momentary or longer, of no change in your EDA skin conductivity. You will know as your body and nervous system gets closer and closer to these completely balanced states.

Noumic's White Light

The White LED light, or special sound, from the Noumic Biofeedback Meditation monitor indicates when skin conductivity completely stops changing. Getting this sign from a Noumic Device shows something unusual is happening in the nervous system, it is achieving complete 'balance.' This could be an indication that an altered state of consciousness or a special peaceful experience is about to occur during meditation! We recommend that you aim for the white light!

Below - Youtube Video of our Biofeedback Meditation Monitor


Pictures of the Noumic Biofeedback Meditation Monitor

Noumic Biofeedback Meditation Monitor. An electronic gadget with LED lights that gives EDA biofeedback information during meditation.
Noumic EDA Biofeedback Meditation Monitor in the palm of a hand, with its white light indicating a completely balanced nervous system. The White Light indicates a completely balanced nervous system where EDA skin conductivity is unchanging.
Noumic EDA Biofeedback Meditation Monitor. An electronic biofeedback meditation monitor held by the fingers.

Boy doing meditation holding a Noumic biofeedback meditation monitor. Testing our Biofeedback Monitor during Meditation

The following graphs show data recorded during the development phase of our Noumic Biofeedback Monitors.
Our Device was held by someone and connected to a computer to record the data.
The person then engaged in various Meditation Exercises.

X axis = Time (seconds)
Y axis = Electro-dermal Activity/ Skin Resistance (ohms)


Meditation and the Extraordinary EDA Biofeedback Response
Altered State of Consciousness between 150 & 190 seconds

EDA Biofeedback data recorded during a Meditation Exercise. Graph shows that EDA biofeedback data is static during Altered States of Consciousness. Graph show that EDA skin resistance stops changing during deep meditation. This graph shows the electro-dermal resistance increasing rapidly as an experienced meditation teacher relaxed his body and mind.

He was asked to aim for an altered state of consciousness, a supremely blissful state, which he reported achieving. This lasted for approximately half a minute.

The data shows an extraordinary 'levelling off,' where skin resistance completely stopped changing.

As mentioned above, psychology research had made this amazing biofeedback discovery. When people achieved deep meditation, or enter special / altered states of consciousness their skin resistance completely stops changing. Our data confirms their findings.

We point out here that, our Noumic Biofeedback Meditation instrument was designed specifically to identify when this extraordinary phenomena occurs. It has a white light, or special no-change sound, which only occurs when skin resistance remain completely unchanged, either momentarily or for prolong periods.

'Pranic' Breathing Exercise

Graph showing EDA skin resistance data recorded by a Biofeedback Meditation Monitor during pranic breathing exercise. Graph shows skin resistance data changed in response to each in and out breath during a rhythmic breathing exercise. This graph shows the EDA skin resistance starting from a high point, indicating an initial deep relaxation achieved by a Meditation Expert.

Then he began a special Rhythmic Breathing Exercise, known as 'Pranic Breathing,' which, appeared deep and powerful.

The graph shows the EDA biofeedback data rising and falling dramatically as a result of his special breathing.

Meditation Practices often include different types of breathing. Gentle breathing normally brings relaxation. However, this type of 'Pranic Breathing' had and overall energising affect.

It is interesting to note, that each rise and fall in skin conductivity matched the individual in-breaths and out-breaths.

Meditation with eyes opening at around 70 & 130 seconds

Electrodermal Activity data graph, showing EDA Biofeedback Information recorded during a Meditation Exercise. Graph showing that, opening the eyes during meditation has an immediate affect to the EDA skin resistance data. This graph shows the electrical resistance of the skin gently increasing as the person was meditating; this is the normal response when people relax.

When he opened his eyes there was an immediate affect; resistance reduced. This is consistent with findings of psychologists, increased 'physiological arousal' leads to less skin resistance.

Even without moving the body, simply opening the eyes, there is a distinct and immediate affect to the level of skin resistance.

For Meditation Practice these Biofeedback Data Graphs Confirm:-

  • That your nervous system does respond, moment by moment, to Meditation Practice.
  • Meditation does allow you to control the balance of relaxation and tension of the nervous system.
  • Complete, unchanging balance of the nervous system can be achieved.
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