Problems with this Device

1000 Noumic Devices were manufactured, but, I must inform potential buyers of possible problems with the casing design and with the manufacture quality.

My current supply of Noumic Devices I describes as being 'invention prototype quality.' It has been embarrassing to supply imperfect devices; but, I do refund money or replace devices if necessary.
The casing appearance is not always perfect, and it is not robust enough to be sold generally. However, some say the design is beautiful and the device feels comfortable in the hand.
The device works well and consistently. However, if more were made in the future, I would make refinements to its programming. Sound-mode sensitivity needs improving, and the device needs an on/off switch.

Possible Problems with these Prototypes

  • Replacing the battery is a little tricky. A small screwdriver or similar tool is needed to release and re-close the battery compartment clip.
    The battery compartment clip sometimes breaks; Blu-tak can be used to keep it closed.

  • With just some of the devices, a metal part may become detached. Metal to plastic glue fixes this.

If required, we replace the device for free.

  • In sound-mode, using the Device can be embarrassing!
    Extra care is needed when using it in certain 'quiet' places such as meditation centres and churches.

  • The Device switches itself off when not held and not in contact with conductive surfaces, there is no On-Off button.
    This makes carrying it around tricky. In your pocket or handbag, for example, it may start working unexpectedly.

Noumic Device invention prototype in its black hexagonal box.


  • As a precaution, people with electronic medical implants should not use Noumic Devices.

  • Do not let small children play with Noumic Devices.

  • Never squeeze the device tightly, avoid dropping it.

  • Do not immerse in water.


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