No Change

Periods of no change in skin conductivity are special and the Noumic Biofeedback Device identifies these clearly with its white light or special no-change sound.

Psychology research found that, even when deeply relaxed, changes in skin conductivity continue. Changes slow down, they get smaller and smaller, but, for most people skin conductivity never completely stops changing.

However, research discovered that, skin conductivity does stop changing when certain people become exceptionally deeply relaxed. Only people with high skills in meditation, yoga, or other deep relaxation techniques achieve this!

Exceptionally deep relaxation can bring experiences of altered states of consciousness or feelings of inner peace. The research found that, changes skin conductivity stop when these special states are achieved!

Animation depicting the changing balance of relaxation and tension in the human body.People unskilled in relaxation cannot stop changes occurring in their relaxation and tension balance as measured by skin conductivity. However, it is possible to slow down the changes and reduce the relative intensity of the changes.

Go beyond normal relaxation!

By doing relaxation practice with our biofeedback device users can see how well they are succeeding. But its inventor wants people to go beyond normal relaxation. By 'beyond normal', we means a situation where relaxation and tension balance completely stop changing for significant lengths of time.

Previously, years of training, and only certain meditation experts could achieve this. The Noumic Device's white light, or special 'no-change' sound immediately identifies if this does occur. With the information coming from a Noumic Device, the inventor believes and psychology research backs-up, it should be possible for people to learn the skill of deep relaxation more efficiently and learn to go deeper and deeper more quickly.

Testing our Device proved that 'special states of mind' lead to the 'no-change' in skin conductivity.

Graph showing data from a Noumic Biofeedback Device. The affect on skin conductivity when the device user had an altered state of consciousness. This graph shows data from a Noumic Device obtained during its development phase. An experienced 'yogi' meditation teacher and spiritual healer tested it, and we asked him to relax deeply and aim to achieve an altered states of consciousness.

The data shows that, at times, his skin conductivity stopped changing completely; these correlated to brief periods when he reported achieving an altered state of consciousness.

No change is very special, the secret of why the inventor designed the Noumic Biofeedback Device as it is.

The inventor's wish is to encourage people to aim for proper, deep, natural relaxation; he believes that it leads to improvement in health and feelings of well-being.

To deeply relax the body and its nervous systems, the mind has to relax too. When these are achieved it allows the mind to 'grow,' that is, the mind's energy is released for other possibilities.


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