Light Mode

The Noumic Device uses one of four different coloured LEDs (light emitting diodes) to give instant information about changes in your body's tension and relaxation.

Picture of the green LED light of a Noumic biofeedback device.GREEN LIGHT - indicates that there was some reduction in your body's tension; in other words, you became more relaxed.

Picture of the red LED light of a Noumic biofeedback device.RED LIGHT - indicates that there was some increase in your body's tension; in other words, you became less relaxed.

Picture of the white LED light of a Noumic biofeedback device.WHITE LIGHT - indicates that there was absolutely no change in your body's tension or relaxation. This happens when you are very relaxed.

Picture of the blue LED light of a Noumic biofeedback device.BLUE LIGHT - indicates a certain level of relaxation achieved; levels 1 to 10 and beyond.

With just four colours, you soon learn instinctively what they indicate. So, with this biofeedback device, even your mind can relax while using it!

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LED Light Intensity

The red, green, and white LEDs illuminate with different brightness depending on the speed of change in the body's tension or relaxation. Different brightnesses of LED light are particularly noticeable when using the device in the dark. Brighter LED light is best, this indicates a gentle change; aim to get the more intense light.

You might expect that brighter LED light intensity would indicate larger tension or relaxation changes in the body or mind. However, the Noumic Device does the opposite; a brighter light indicates a smaller change in tension / relaxation. Why is this?

  • More intense light for small changes in tension or relaxation encourages users to aim for steady progress rather than rushed relaxation.
  • When relaxed, your tension / relaxation changes naturally become smaller.
  • Therefore Noumic's lights get more dynamic as you become more and more relaxed; this encourages users to aim for deeper and deeper relaxation.
GREEN Gentle increase in Relaxation Quick increase in Relaxation
RED Gentle increase in Tension Quick increase in Tension
WHITE Complete Balance (No change in Tension or Relaxation) Almost No Change

About the Lights: They are bright different colours so you do not have to focus your eyes on them too closely; your eyes can relax as it is not like reading. In the dark, the lights shine brightly, some people will notice the colour change without needing to look directly at the device.

However, some people find the lights too intrusive, even annoying, they prefer Noumic in Sound-mode!

Two ways of using Noumic Devices

Noumic Devices measure and indicate changes in skin conductivity. While holding it, if you move your fingers or change holding pressure this strongly affects the level of skin conductivity measured by it. This fact makes the device usable in two ways, see below.

1 - Hold with unchanging gentle pressure.
For monitoring EDA, or GSR.

The device then works as an extremely precise skin conductivity monitor. In 'biofeedback terminology', the device monitors your Electro-dermal Activity, EDA; also known as Galvanic Skin Response, GSR.

Learning to control your EDA / GSR is a method for learning to deeply relax, also helpful for meditation. This is explained more in our 'GSR biofeedback' page.

Suggestions of what to aim for
Slow down the rate of change of coloured lights.
Get more Green Light.
Get the White Light as much as possible.
Try to get the Blue Light.

2 - Gently change hand-grip pressure.
For monitoring hand muscle tension.

The device then works as an extremely sensitive hand muscle tension monitor. With the instantaneous tension biofeedback information provided you can train yourself in precise control of hand muscles.

Learning control of your muscle tension is a method for improving performance of your whole nervous system; this is explained more in our 'muscle tension' page.

Suggestion of what to aim for
Get the Red and the Green Light for long periods.
By controlling hand pressure try to get the White Light.
By increasing pressure fast but decreasing very slowly, aim to get the Blue Light more and more.

Important: NEVER squeeze the device tightly.electronic device, biofeedback monitor


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