Levels of Achievement

As you relax well with a Noumic biofeedback device it begins to indicate some extra information, it indicates each time you go up a level in personal relaxation.

The Device calculates your 'success in relaxation' by adding or deducting points to its internal memory depending upon changes it measures in your skin conductivity. Skin conductivity changes correlates to changes in relaxation and tension in the body.
  • Points are added for increases in relaxation.
  • Points are deducted for decreases in relaxation.
  • Double points are added if there is no change in relaxation.
With its 'levels achieved' indicator the Noumic Biofeedback Device becomes a self-challenge relaxation game device. What level of relaxation will you achieve and how quickly?

How Levels are Indicated

Level of relaxation Sound-mode
Extra 'Beep' sounds made
Light Mode
Blue LED Light illuminates
1, 2 or 3
Low-tone beeps
1, 2 or 3
1, 2 or 3
Mid-tone beeps
1, 2 or 3
1, 2 or 3
High-tone beeps
1, 2 or 3
10 Continuous 5 second
5 Seconds
of continuous light

After level 10, the levels achieved indication starts back at the beginning - 1,2,3, and so on; but remember, really it is level 11, 12, 13, etc...

Tips to help you Achieve Higher Levels in Relaxation

Aim to make slow but steady progress, if you aim for quick relaxation, you get less points than gentle relaxation.

Aim to get as close to balance, or no change, as possible, this gets you loads more points and you progress though the levels more quickly.

Detail info. Computing the Relaxation Levels Achieved

Noumic Device is self-calibrating,' that is, it gets more and more sensitive in its measuring as the user's skin conductivity changes get less and less.
Below are three examples of how the device calculates 'success in relaxation' by adding or deducting points depending upon changes it measures in skin conductivity.

Noumic adds more points for small increases in relaxation than it does for large increases, why is this?

Relaxation and tension, as measured by skin conductivity, constantly changes, increasing or decreasing moment by moment.

Psychology research found that, even when deeply relaxed changes in skin conductivity continue, they slow down, they get smaller and smaller. But, for most people, skin conductivity never stops changing.

Noumic Device is designed to encourage users to aim for deep relaxation, where skin conductivity changes become relatively small. This is why the device gives more points for small increases in relaxation than it does for large increases.

Noumic deducts the same points whether it detects a large increases or a small increases in tension, why is this?

During a relaxation practice, people fidget, change positions, move hands etc.. These create very large changes in skin conductivity readings as measured by the device.

We wanted to minimise the affect this has in calculating relaxation levels achieved. This is why for any increases in tension the device only deducts 1 point.

Noumic Device adds double points for no-change in relaxation, why is this?

Psychology research discovered that, skin conductivity does stop changing as certain people become exceptionally deeply relaxed. Only people experienced in meditation, yoga, or other deep relaxation practice can achieve this.

Further, it was discovered that, as experienced meditators achieve altered states of consciousness or feelings of profound inner peace, their skin conductivity completely stops changing. The two phenomena go together.

The inventor's wish is to encourage people to aim for this special 'exalted state,' of profound relaxation. This is why double points are added for periods of no-change.
More about this in our 'no change' is special page.


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