Getting Started with Noumic

This page explains some of the basics for using a Noumic Biofeedback Device.

Switching On and Off

  • Hold the Noumic Device and it automatically switches on.

  • Put it down, on to a non-conducting surface, and it automatically switches off.

At start up, before proper functioning begins, the white light illuminates for 5 seconds; in sound-mode the no change sound is made twice.

Holding the Device

Hold Noumic so your hand and fingers are in contact with at least two of the Metal Sensor plates.

Never squeeze the device tightly, it is not designed for high pressure squeezing.


Changing Modes

  • Put the Noumic Device down so that it switches off.

  • If, within 60 seconds, you pick it up, it will have changed to work in a different mode.

Sit, relax and get to know your Noumic Biofeedback Device.Touching a Noumic Biofeedback Device while relaxing with a cup of tea.

This table shows how the Noumic Device responds to changes in skin conductivity that correspond to changes in tension and relaxation in the body.
  Light Mode
Information instantaneously
Sound Mode
Information every three seconds
Tension Increase or Less Relaxation RED Upward Tone
Relaxation Increase or Less Tension GREEN Downward Tone
BALANCE (No Change) WHITE Level Tone
Level Achieved BLUE Beep Sounds


9 volt battery goint into a Noumic biofeedback device.Battery Installation / Replacement

  • Side view of a Noumic device showing the battery compartment cover-clip.On one side of the device is a small recess where there is a release clip for the battery compartment cover. Use a small screwdriver to gently release this clip. Gently open the cover.

  • Disconnect the wire and remove the old battery. Replace the battery and carefully re-connect the battery wire.

  • Push-in the wire and gently replace the battery compartment cover, be especially careful.

Quality batteries can lasts for up to 4 months or more. When the battery charge is low, Noumic stops working.

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