Skin conductivity

Noumic device is a skin conductivity monitor

Psychology research finds that changing tension and relaxation has an immediate affect on skin conductivity.

Hand held skin conductiviy moitor galvanic skin response GSR monitor, electrodermal activity EDA monitor.Your skin's electro-conductivity changes all the time.

The device can detect even microscopic changes in conductivity and gives instant real-time information.

Psychology experiments find a correlation between changes in human tension and skin conductivity.

Skin conductivity increases with increases in body and mind activity or tension and, it decreases when the body and mind relaxes.

  • Skin conductivity changes when the body energises or relaxes.

  • Mind activity (thinking, emotions) affect skin conductivity.

  • Conductivity increases with activity and decreases with relaxation.

Generally, most people's skin conductivity is constantly changing. Changes slow down as they relax. However, something amazing happens when an experienced meditator achieves especially calm states of mind and body - skin conductivity changes stop completely!

Most people cannot stop, for any length of time, their skin conductivity level from changing. Yet our galvanometer specifically identifies if this does occur. A non-changing skin conductivity identifies that your nervous system has achieved some sort of complete balance. The mind, body, and nervous system are no longer so closely connected; there is some freeing of the mind!

Normally, only experienced meditators, yoga experts, or spiritual masters can control their mind sufficiently so as to achieve complete calmness and special profound states of mind. The inventor hopes that Noumic Skin Conductivity Monitors will help more people achieve these mind-freeing states.


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