Conductivity of Human Skin

Our Noumic Device is Skin Conductivity Monitor, a Human Galvanometer.

Particularly in the past, electricity produced by chemical reaction was referred to as galvanism. Today devices for measuring electric current are commonly known as 'Ammeters' but some still call them Galvanometers.

Early psychology research discovered that a person's changing balance of tension and relaxation has a direct and immediate affect on the conductivity of their skin. This was called, the Galvanic Skin Response, GSR.

If someone holds the two electrodes of a galvanometer, it shows that their skin has changeable electro-conductivity. You could use one hand, you could use both hands, the Galvanometer would show the same changes occurring in skin conductivity.

Today, psychologists term the correlation between changes in skin conductivity and changes in the balance of tension and relaxation, the Electrodermal Response, EDR.

Simple galvanometer, electro conductivity measurement device, electric current meter.

Left - A simple galvanometer. (Electric current meter) This machine can make a simple, not very precise, measurement of conductivity.

Our Noumic Device invention, below, is a beautiful super sensitive galvanometer for measuring human skin's electro-conductivity. Noumic Device makes 500+ measurements per minute.

Your Skin's Electro-conductivity, our Super-sensitive Galvanometer

Beautiful galvanometer, skin conductivity measurement device, electrodermal activity EDA monitor, galvanic skin response GSR monitor. Noumic Devices Galvanometers

Our devices find your general level of skin conductivity and then self-calibrate to become super sensitive in that particular range of conductivity. Working this way, they are capable of detecting even the smallest changes in conductivity that occurs.

Instantly, they indicate as your skin conductivity increases, or decreases, or if it remains completely unchanged.

They do not measure skin-conductivity just once, or a few times. As you hold them, they continually and rapidly measure conductivity. (500+ times per minute) Your skin-conductivity really does continually change and sometimes rapidly.

Skin Conductivity ?

The reasons for and mechanisms that cause skin conductivity changes are complex and not fully understood.

Psychology-science discovered that changes correlate with changes in the human body, mind, and nervous systems. Skin conductivity increases with increases in body and mind activity or tension and, it decreases when the body and mind relaxes.

The link between skin-conductivity and body / mind / nervous system activity was originally called, the Galvanic Skin Response, GSR; now, it is more commonly called the Electrodermal Activity response, EDA. Hand held galvanometer, beautiful galvanic skin response GSR monitor, electrodermal activity EDA monitor.

  • Generally, skin conductivity is affected instantly when the body energises or relaxes.

  • Even when the body is motionless skin conductivity continues to change depending upon changes in the mind and nervous system.

  • The physiological changes that cause changes to skin conductivity are controlled by the brain and nervous system, in particular the autonomic nervous system. Millions of nerve impulses flow throughout the body, they are electrical impulses, which could explain why changes in skin conductivity occur so rapidly.

  • Psychology research discovered that, mind activity (thinking, feeling, emotions, awareness, and states of consciousness) affects skin conductivity.

  • Conductivity increases with more activity and decreases with calmness and relaxation.

Relaxation Learning Tool

Psychology research discovered that, it is easier to learn control of body and mind relaxation and tension if you have information from body monitoring devices. In particular, skin conductivity information is very helpful when learning to relax.

Psychology Research Found ...

  • You try some relaxation technique with a monitoring device giving 'feedback,' that is, information showing how your body is responding.

  • If the device gives appropriate feedback information you know your relaxation technique is working.

  • If the feedback information is not the appropriate response, then you know the technique is not working for you, you can keep trying or adjust your technique to get the results you seek.

  • Psychologists know this as the 'Biofeedback Training' principle.

Our Noumic Device is especially helpful in providing biofeedback information suitable for learning relaxation

A galvanometer with coloured lights, a GSR monitor you can use in the dark, an EDA monitor.

A galvanometer you can deeply relax with. You can use it in bed and in the dark.
A galvanometer with coloured lights, a GSR monitor you can use in the dark, an EDA monitor.

Man doing meditation holding a GSR monitor. Galvanic Skin Response device is a meditation learning tool.

Meditation Learning Tool

Our Noumic Skin Conductivity Device was designed for use as a meditation monitor. Skin conductivity information is useful for identifying when the body and mind is becoming progressively relaxed, this of course, an aspect of meditation practice.

Generally, most people's skin conductivity is constantly changing. Changes slow down as they relax. However, something amazing happens when an experienced meditator achieves especially calm states of mind and body - skin conductivity changes stop completely!

Most people cannot stop, for any length of time, their skin conductivity level from changing. Yet our galvanometer specifically identifies if this does occur. A non-changing skin conductivity identifies that your nervous system has achieved some sort of complete balance. The mind, body, and nervous system are no longer so closely connected; there is some freeing of the mind!

Normally, only experienced meditators, yoga experts, or spiritual masters can control their mind sufficiently so as to achieve complete calmness and special profound states of mind. The inventor hopes that Noumic Skin Conductivity Monitors will help more people achieve these mind-freeing states.

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