Noumic - how it works

500+ measurements each minute

When held, the Noumic Device rapidly measures the conductivity of your skin.

Levels of human skin conductivity are an indication of tension and relaxation changes in the body.
With information from a Noumic Device you can learn fine control of your body tension and relaxation.
The human body directly influences how Noumic Devices function and no two people are the same.

By monitoring skin conductivity these devices can provide two types of biofeedback information

1. Finger and hand muscle Tension Activity

(Useful for learning fine control of your muscles and nervous system)

2. Electro-Dermal Activity EDA, known as the Galvanic Skin Response GSR
(Useful in learning fine control of your mind and nervous system)

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These scientific-performance biofeedback machines reveal a constantly changing balance of tension and relaxation within the body's nervous systems. With practice, you can learn to control this balance.

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