Mode Differences

Sound and Light modes of Noumic Devices give out biofeedback information differently.

Sound-mode: A sound is emitted every 3 seconds; this represents three-secondly averaged information about changes to your skin conductivity or hand muscle tension.
Light-mode: Light colour changes instantly; this represents instantaneous information about changes to you skin conductivity or hand muscle tension.

Graphical Explanation

Graph shows instant relaxation information, given by the lights, changing up and down. (The black line)
Also shows the averaged information, given by the sound. (The red line) electronic device, biofeedback monitor

The graph identifies that although the instantaneous information is increasing and decreasing, the averaged information is consistently increasing.
In light mode there would be red and green light indicating increases and decreases, but in sound mode it would only indicate consistent relaxation.

Sound Mode / Light Mode Advantages and Disadvantages

Light-mode gives a more dynamic, instantaneous response. When you learn to use the device with skill, it can respond to the even the tiniest changes in skin conductivity that result from momentary changes in relaxation, muscle tension change, and even thoughts and feelings.

Light mode does not disturb other people so much, whereas they can be distracted and even annoyed by sound-mode.

For some people, especially those still learning the skill of using and understanding the device, light-mode can give too much information. It appears to give a confusing, jumble of information that is hard to relate exactly to what is happening within the body and mind.

Sound-mode gives less information which can be better for some people; and, of course, you can have your eyes closed while using the device.


Possible issue with sound mode
Only when using the device as an EDA / GSR (skin conductivity) monitor, where your holding pressure is consistent; sound-mode sometimes appears to 'get stuck' and give the up-tone continuously for long periods. This may be due to the device gently warming up which naturally increases conductivity continually. This warming effect is not so noticeable in light mode. If you find that the device seems to 'get stuck' in giving the up-tone, we recommend that you try loosening your grip slightly. Find the right balance of hand / finger pressure while holding the device and it once again become responsive, even in sound-mode.

If more Noumic Device are made in the future we will aim to correct this anomaly.

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