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Dr. David Lewis

Congratulations on producing such a neat little device. This is certainly the smallest and most elegant biofeedback instrument that I have come across; almost a work of art in addition to being a sensitive and reliable skin conductance monitor.

We have a large range of EDR (electro-dermal response) devices in our lab but yours is certainly the most user-friendly one we have come across.

Marc Bishop

I left a message on your phone to say how impressed I was from the opening of the envelope packaging and presentation excellent then the device itself, well. I was incredibly impressed in its operation responsiveness and accuracy I look forward to working with it and letting you know how we get on. (2013)

Dr. Victor Wedel

Thank you for the two Noumics. You know Perry I really like these and feel that they will be an asset for people who use them. My specialty is epigenetic medicine where meditation is a key factor and I feel Noumics would do well in this area of healing. (2012)

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Noumic Biofeedback Device Invention

Wholesale Customers

Czech Republic

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Jan Valuch, CEO marketing

We have tested intensively Noumic and it works great. Our first order is for 10 pieces, we will buy more next year. (November 2014


Peemmanart Yaembunruang ( ภีมนาท แย้มบุญเรือง )

Your invention is very valuable. Very useful for mankind. I'm not sure if I can be a good sales person but I will try to make people know the good product as much as I can. (April 2016)

Product Feedback Emails

Jamie Sturrock (June 2017)
Waterghosts Artistic Director and Creator

Hi Perry,

I hope this finds you well.  I thought I would write down some words that you can use as review for the Noumic on your website or Amazon.

I purchased a Noumic around a year ago now, and since then I have been practicing extensively with the device and various techniques as to how to approach the practice. I am extremely happy with the functionality, sensitivity and accuracy of the Noumic. The elegant and simplistic design do not prepare you for the depth of experience that can be harnessed when exploring one's Bio-Feedback session. In the current climate of Touch screens, the Noumic excels in originality. The Noumic acts as a node in a circuit between your observations, perceptions and reactions, allowing you to train effectively, your core responses. Understanding your own triggers to stress and relaxation is applicable in all areas of your life. The specifically ingenious aspect of the Noumic is the Balanced state or no change White light indication, allowing you to know and learn what is to be at an unchanging equilibrium with your self. Thank you so much Perry.

Best and warmest regards.

Janice Norman (June 2016)

I bought one of your Noumic biofeedback devices via Amazon in early April, and I am very pleased with it. My reason for buying it was a chronic visual migraine condition and I thought that it might reduce stress and therefore the visual disturbances. It has certainly helped me to relax. I usually use it on the light mode – I find that it gives out more nuanced information than the sound mode. Also I don’t want to disturb my husband with the sounds when I use it in the middle of the night. With thanks and best wishes.

John Beschizza (November 2015)

Dear Perry. I received the Noumic device this morning and have already used it whilst meditating. I've been a meditator for over thirty years and have utilised a great many 'bio-feedback' devices but most of them are either physically clunky, annoying (high pitched whine) etc, or just inaccurate and therefore useless. Your device is the first to give me what I've been looking for; a small, compact, unobtrusive hand-held object that maintains feedback without creating stress as a side-effect. On taking it out of the box it felt very intuitive in my hand and worked perfectly. I'm really excited about exploring the potential of this device and will express that in my feedback on Amazon. Best wishes.

Alari Varmann (May 2016)

I have used the Noumic device for about 6 weeks. I have to say that I find it a very useful tool to help me switch off the emotional centres that control my state of mind. I have been practicing meditation for about 1.5 years. I am becoming a professional computational neuroscientist, biomedical engineer and data scientist and that means that the work I do is very “brain-intensive” in a way that often requires hours of hard thinking work. It is logical that in these times, one would have certain brain regions boosted with increased beta wave activity whereas we would often wish for more alpha and gamma wave activity (what for example has been observed in Tibetan Buddhist monks) for reduced anxiety.

Most frequently I would use the Noumic device after a normal work day, for example, in order to help me to slow down the neural oscillations in my brain and prepare my mind for the sleeping phases. Since before that I would have been thinking for long hours, it would be challenging to turn off my mind quickly before going to sleep – and that is where the Noumic meditation device comes into play:

I will go into the forest next to my house and start meditating while holding the Noumic device in my hand. I prefer to use it in light mode and since it is dark in the evenings and although the light emitted is relatively bright, I don’t have to watch it directly since I can classify the light class (red, white, green, blue) from the light reflections on the surroundings (for example on myself) and infer the state of conductivity from there. Thus far, I have mainly aimed for the blue lights (that indicate an increased level in relaxation) and white lights (that indicate no change in relaxation). Since I aim for my mind to be completely blank while staring at my surroundings (I am using nature as my object of meditation), I haven’t counted how many times the blue lights turn on, but the 9 overall blue levels are certainly useful to have – I feel that I could certainly make even more progress – for example after having obtained the 9th blue level, aim for white to maintain my level of relaxation.

Some other occasions of use: For example when some situation has activated my sympathetic nervous system, for example when something irritating has happened that I have no control over. Due to our neocortex and the benefit of synaptic plasticity that has endowed us with higher cognitive capabilities, it does not suffice to just ’tell’ our mind to calm down because the fear and anxiety networks can basically halt our working memory and normal brain processing for a longer period of time – and I feel that this effect is especially pronounced in my brain. In these times, it is comforting to known that there exists a device – the Noumic device -- that can scientifically measure, even if indirectly, how successfully I have returned to my normal state of mind. The last time I used it this way was yesterday and I noticed that whereas acting in a way as if nothing had changed left me at unease, it took me about 10-12 minutes of using the Noumic device to convince myself that I have regained control over my normal state of mind, free of anxiety and fears.

Thank you for this innovative invention and I hope that this device will serve me well during all the upcoming years.

Therapists who use Biofeedback

Nichola Gregory BA (Hons), BACP, MAR

Hey Perry, I spoke to you a week or so ago about your fab little biofeedback machine. Just to let you know I've placed a photo and link to your website on mine. I'll be writing the blog for my teaching site over the next couple of weeks. I'll send you a link when it's published. (May 2016)

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