Noumic Biofeedback Device
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Prototype electronic gadgets
Noumic EDA biofeedback machines

Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine with its user manual, EDA biofeedback monitor

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Invention Prototype

Noumic Biofeedback Device, beautiful electronic gadget, EDA biofeedback machine, Hand tension monitor. Noumic Device: a hand-held EDA biofeedback machine that instantly indicates changes in your balance of relaxation and tension.

Works in Two ways

  1. Skin Conductivity Monitor 
    Super sensitive human skin conductivity biofeedback monitor.

    EDA Biofeedback Machine
    Electrodermal activity
  2. Hand Tension Monitor 
    Very precise hand muscle and nerve tension biofeedback monitor.

    Hand Tension Biofeedback Machine

Battery powered, computerised self monitoring device.
Only 1000 were manufactured, less than 100 remain in stock and available exclusively from the inventor. 

If not satisfied, return for your money back.


Beautiful, geometric design electronic gadget with coloured lights and polished metal finger sensor plates, Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine. Unique and beautiful design computerised, electronic gadget. Sound and light modes, with 8 polished metal finger sensor-plates.

Man in nature garden holding an electronic gadget EDA biofeedback machine. Relaxing in the garden holding a Noumic Device. A Biofeedback Machine you can use almost anywhere. Helps you to develop a natural balance of relaxation and tension in body and mind.

Noumic Device biofeedback machine with a 9 volt battery being installed. Hexagonal geometric design electronic gadget.Comes with a 9 Volt battery pre-installed.

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Held on the palm of a hand, the Noumic Device Biofeedback Monitor. Palm size GSR EDA Biofeedback Machine.
Noumic logo - self development technology
Noumic Device EDA Biofeedback Monitor. Beautiful, hexagonal geometric design electronic gadget, gsr biofeedback machine.

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