Reject Quality - Noumic Device

Very Low Price Option - Less than 30 available at this price.

The inventor has some Reject Quality Noumic Devices that he is offering for sale to people who cannot afford the full price.

These Rejects have poor appearance quality and may have a broken part on the outer casing. However, we have tested their performance and they work perfectly.

Original, electronic gadgets, biofeedback machines.
Direct from the inventor.

£20 + p&p

Noumic biofeedback device held by the fingers of two hands.

If you have lots of questions or doubts about buying our Reject Quality Devices, then please DO NOT buy one. This option is for people who need a low price due to reduced income.

I have tested these, they do work perfectly!

Customer Service

If not satisfied, return for your money back*.
*(Postage fee not returned)

Buy a 'Reject Quality' Noumic Biofeedback Device

Paypal Option - Reject Quality

£20 + £8 p&p

Other ways to Pay (£20 + £8 p&p = £28)
Payee: 'Spiritual Enterprise'
Post to: Spiritual Enterprise
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Noumic Biofeedback Device Invention.
Shipping Information

We pre-install a 9 volt alkaline battery and comply with international posting regulations, as below.

Electronic items sent
with new alkaline batteries
Must be new and sent unopened in their original retail packaging. Surround with sufficient cushioning material to protect each item from damage. Wrap each item individually. Place item in a rigid container and cushion to avoid movement. Any equipment sent with batteries or cells must be secured against movement within the outer packaging and must be packed to prevent accidental activation. The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.

Classification of goods for import & export within the European Community

Binding Tariff Information
BTI: GB 115644679


Not suitable for small children.

Never squeeze tightly, avoid dropping, do not immersing in water.

As a precaution, people with electronic medical implants should not use Noumic Devices.

Held on the palm of a hand, the Noumic Device Biofeedback Monitor.

Noumic logo - self development technology

Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine. Beautiful, hexagonal geometric design electronic gadget.

Noumic Inventions

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