Why Noumic

The old word 'Noumenon' means, an object or event that is known without the use of the physical senses, or, known only to the mind.

My interest is the esoteric teachings of the past that open the mind to 'transcending' experience, that is experience beyond the physical body and normal thinking-mind.
Mind experience that goes beyond the physical has been referred to as 'Spiritual.' Seeking to develop the human mind's potential can be referred to as spiritual development.
However, the word 'spiritual' is also associated with religious thinking; so, I looked for an alternative word that would describe a concept of mind 'beyond the normal.'

Noumic Device

Noumic Biofeedback Device. electronic device for monitoring the mind.(Noum - ic) Human Mind + Electronic Monitoring Device

  • My plan was to develop an electronic device that could monitor the human mind; capable of responding to changes in emotions, feelings, states of mind, and even individual thoughts.

  • Mind activity affects the human nervous systems; there are electronic methods for monitoring changes in the nervous systems and this was the solution for finding ways to monitor the human mind. Psychology research discovered long ago that, changes in human skin conductivity are controlled by the autonomic nervous system and correlate with mind activity.

  • The word Noumena relates to 'the mind,' this is why I called my invention 'Noumic Device.' It measures and indicates, to extreme precision, the tiny and rapid changes that occur in human skin's electrical conductivity. Thus, it indicates some aspects of the Human mind's activity.

Experience Beyond the Normal

  • I hoped that, the device would help people develop relaxation and meditation skills. These skills open the mind to spiritual self-discovery, that is, to knowledge and experience beyond the physical senses and normal thinking mind.

  • Noumena, (meaning an object or event known without the use of the physical senses, or, known only to the mind) also fits this spiritual self-discovery purpose I had in mind for the device.

History of Noumic

I was using the word Noumic for a few years even before conceiving my Noumic Device invention. I had developed a type of counselling therapy called 'Noumic Personal Exploration.' NPE was discussing people's life experiences, intuitively asking questions and making suggestions which could help people understand themselves, lose worry, take control, and find answers and meaning in life.

  • The concept for an Electronic Device Invention grew in my mind during 1998.

  • I engaged a local company (Frost Electronics) to develop computer-chip based circuitry prototypes.
    At first, I planned for a wrist wearable skin conductivity monitor. The initial work was done and some 50 pence size circuit prototypes were made.

  • At the 1999 'BBC Tomorrows World' invention exhibition, I took a stall to exhibit these first working circuit prototypes.

  • A few years later, after seeing a TV documentary about technology companies in India, I did an internet search looking for a company to develop the invention further. I was fortunate to find a company offering to complete the electronic circuits and construct suitable casings for them.

  • It became clear that a larger battery would be best, thus a larger, hand-held, device would be more feasible; and we developed the current design for Noumic Device. The devices available today are prototypes, they have faults. I hope that, one day, opportunities will come to complete the development of Noumic Biofeedback Devices.

I have ideas for more inventions, including mind and body monitors and electronic games. But my entrepreneurial skills are not so good, my personality is not suited to sales or publicity seeking. Perhaps one day opportunities will come that allow me to develop ideas and create a range of 'Noumic' self-developement tools and games.

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