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Noumic Device was invented by, Mr Perry Rabbitts

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Mr Perry Rabbitts
Spiritual Enterprise
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Spiritual Enterprise

This website and invention prototypes it promotes were created by Mr Perry Rabbitts. His sole-trader business is called, 'Spiritual Enterprise.' VAT: GB 724 5186 35

Mr Perry Rabbitts holding his Noumic Biofeedback Device invention. Noumic Device, a Spiritual Enterprise

My interest is meditation and the teachings of the past that open the mind to new or 'transcending' experience. I believe that searching for ways to experience ourselves, beyond the 'thinking-mind,' is a worthwhile human activity.

Spiritual people of the past experienced more of the human mind's potential and understood more about the ultimate nature of reality. Certain types of body and mind relaxation were taught along with meditation and concentration techniques. These were paths to developing the human mind's potential and opening up understanding of 'spiritual wisdom'. Today, accessing these teachings is difficult because explanations have been forgotten or mixed up with other philosophical and religious concepts.

My aim has been to learn the techniques and experience more of my mind's potential. Then, by simplifying and summarising the teachings, make them accessible to others. However, the transcending mind experiences I speak of still alludes me.

My aim is to create on-line information systems and electronic meditation monitoring devices that help people develop proper relaxation and meditation skills. Eventually, this will lead to spiritual self-discovery!
This is why my sole-trader business is called Spiritual Enterprise.

Noumic Device

I knew of the concept that, the changing levels of human skin conductivity correlates to relaxation and tension within the body and mind; psychology research had discovered this decades ago. The psychologists had discovered that, giving people skin conductivity information actually helped them learn to relax quicker and more efficiently; this was called the 'biofeedback training' concept.

I realised that having information from a skin conductivity monitoring device could help people develop proper deep relaxation and meditation skills which could lead to spiritual self-discovery. However, the available skin conductivity monitoring devices and computer based systems were not compatible for self-use during deep relaxation practice; they either provided inadequate, distracting information or required the mind to be active while using them. This is why, in 1995 I started to formulate ideas for a new design of skin conductivity monitor.

Mr Perry Rabbitts holding his Noumic Biofeedback Device invention. I wanted a device capable of instantly showing the affect on the body of relaxation and meditation practice.
I wanted a real-time monitor, that did not over-load the senses and brain with information.
I believe my existing Noumic Device prototypes achieve these aims!

Possibility for further development

I would like to refine and improve the Noumic Device further. But my entrepreneurial skills are not so good and sales have been slow. I hope that, one day, the Noumic Device will come to the attention of the wider public. I hope that opportunities will come to develop Noumic further, and enable me to develop other invention ideas.

As at June 2017, I have just 90 new prototypes left.

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