Rhythmic Breathing Exercise Device

Relationship between Proper Breathing and Relaxation.
Rhythmic Breathing Practice is also a Meditation Exercise.

We initially developed Noumic Devices with a function which helped users to Practice Rhythmic Breathing. However, this extra function made the Device overly complicated to use, so we did not include it in the final production prototypes. 

We hope, one day, to produce a Noumic Device that has a selection of Breath Training Exercise Routines. However, this web-page contains a video showing the original Rhythmic Breathing Function in action.

Follow the video on this page and practice Rhythmic Breathing.

  • As Noumic's Lights illuminate - Breath In.
  • As the Lights go off - Breath Out.

Gradually the timing of the lights gets slower, so your breathing gets deeper and you still maintain the Rhythm.

For Proper Full Breathing.

A method for developing Proper Breathing, where all parts of the lungs are used. (Upper, Mid, and Lower Lungs)

Blue Noumic Breathing Exercise Device. Breath Training Device. An electronic gadget to help practice Rhythmic Breathing Techniques.

Noumic Relaxation and Meditation Device

Man practicing Relaxation and Meditation while using a Noumic Device in the garden. Breathing Exercise Technique with a Device. Our Noumic Device invention was created as a Relaxation and Meditation Tool. It can Monitor people as they Relax or Meditate and inform them how their Nervous System is responding. In other words, it gives 'Biofeedback Information', and this helps people learn the skills necessary for Deep Relaxation and Meditation.

Our other pages explain these aspects of our Device.

We were going to include a Breathing Exercise Function because there is a close relationship between Relaxation, Meditation and Breathing. However, in the currently available prototypes we did not include it because it made the Device a little too complex to use. Here is a video of the Function we didn't include, so people can still benefit from it.

Breathing Exercises
Follow our You-Tube video and try these Breathing Techniques

Reason For these Breathing Exercises

Doing Breathing Exercises has a Relaxation Affect on the body. Also, focusing the mind on Breathing is a type of Meditation that helps to develop Concentration abilities.

Esoteric Wisdom writings explain that there are some special benefits of Deep Rhythmic Breathing. It increases Vital Force, or Nerve Force Energy in the body. (Also known as Prana, or Chi)

By following the sound, or lights of this video we are suggesting 3 different Breathing Exercises that you can do at home. The timing of the lights and sound gradually gets slower and slower. This encourages your Breathing to get a little deeper and deeper.

  1. Rhythmic Breathing Exercise
  2. Rhythmic Breathing Exercise - with a Holding Breath period.
  3. Full Breathing Exercise

Three Breathing Techniques

Rhythmic Breathing
Exercise A

As the lights illuminate - Breath In
As the lights switch off - Breath Out

Rhythmic Breathing
Exercise B

As the first 3 Lights illuminate - Breath In
As the Blue Light illuminates and goes out - Hold Breath
As the 3 Lights switch off - Breath Out

Proper, Full Breathing

As the 3 lights illuminate - Breath In from lower lungs, mid lungs, and then high lungs
As the Blue Light illuminates and goes out - Hold Breath
As the 3 lights switch off - Breath Out from high lungs, mid lungs, then lower lungs

Rhythmic Breathing Exercise A + B


The aim of these Breathing Exercises is to spend the same amount of time Breathing Out as you do to Breath In.

  • Normally, our Breathing is irregular, which imbalances the Nerve Energy Flow in the Nervous Systems and Brain. These Exercises bring Balance, and they energise the 'subtle' energy systems of the Body.
  • They also, release tension held within the Body, Brain, and Nervous System; which leads to profound Relaxation.
  • These Breathing Practices require the Mind to continually focus on the Breath Mechanism. It develops your Mental strength and Concentration Skills.

Full, Proper Breathing Exercise

Picture of the three lobes of the Human Lungs. Full Breathing has the benefits of the two exercises above, additionally it improves the capacity and performance of the Lungs.

Types of Improper Breathing

Human lungs have three lobes, or parts, and most people do not use them fully. There are improper methods of breathing which only fill parts of the lungs. They absorb enough oxygen for daily life but sometimes barely enough to maintain a healthy vigorous body.

  • High Breathing: This fills only the upper part of the lungs, which are the smallest, so a minimum amount of air enters. High breathing is the worst form of breathing as it requires the greatest amount of energy with the smallest amount of benefit.
  • Mid Breathing: This fills only the middle and a portion of the upper parts of the lungs.
  • Low Breathing: This fills only the lower and a portion of the middle parts of the lungs. It is far better than the above two methods but still does not use all areas of the lungs to their full potential.

Complete breathing is the best method, this uses all parts of the lungs and eliminates the bad points of improper breathing.

Metaphysical Reason for these Breathing Exercises

Apart from the benefits referred to above, there is a Metaphysical Reason why these exercises are recommended.

Image showing the subtle energy centers of the Human Body. Human Life-Force, Vital Energy, Nerve Force Energy, Prana or Chi Energy. Nerve Force Energy

Wisdom writings of Esoteric Teachers, Buddhism, and Hindu Yogi Experts explain that, there a subtle type of Universal Energy that is absorbed by living things as they breath. This subtle energy has many names; such as, Life-Force, Vital Energy, Nerve Force Energy; and in the East, Prana or Chi Energy.

The Wisdom writings explain that, Deep Rhythmic Breathing absorbs far more of this Nerve Force Energy. It improves health and vitality, and it enhances potential for certain types of self-development.

The inventor of our Noumic Device has studied these theories, more detail is given on our Human Magnetism web-page.

Of course, you may not be interested in an Esoteric or Mystical explanation for doing our Breathing Exercises; that's OK. But please try our exercises, they will bring inner calmness and relaxation, and they will help you to learn mental stabilisation and concentration skills.


People with Breathing Difficulties or Lung Diseases might find the Breathing Techniques on this page too difficult. We recommend caution, do not strain or push yourself to do these Breathing Exercises.

If in doubt seek medical advice first.

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