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Information for Biofeedback Therapy Professionals
+ Psychology EDA studies.

As well as improved relaxation which helps in a range of medical and psychological conditions, using biofeedback machines can have certain therapeutic benefits.

This web-page gives some technical data about our Biofeedback Instrument; information useful to psychology EDA researchers and biofeedback therapy professionals.

Noumic™ Biofeedback Machine

Beautiful, pocket size, super sensitive, self calibrating, biofeedback instrument.
Can monitor two types of bio-information:-

  1. Hand-muscle tension
  2. EDA or GSR
    (Changes in skin resistance)

Biofeedback Machines and Devices are electronic instruments that monitor the body, the nervous system, or the human brain. Specifically, they can monitor heart rate, muscle tension and movement, temperature, brainwave activity, and the EDA or GSR (Electro-dermal Activity or Galvanic Skin Response).

Psychology research discovered that, with information from Biofeedback Machines, people find it easier to train themselves in mind and body control and can enhance abilities and improve personal performance.

EDA Biofeedback Instrument in the palm of hand. Electrodermal biofeedback machine. Our neat, compact, and easy to use biofeedback instrument could be a relatively inexpensive choice for Biofeedback Therapists who want to assess their clients' EDA responses.

Noumic Device operates like a 'Microscope' looking at EDA

The range of possible values for skin conductivity is huge. Moment by moment changes are relatively small, in fact, infinitesimal compared to the whole range.

Our Biofeedback Instrument is designed to instantaneously indicate the moment by moment changes in EDA. This is why it does not show the level or (value on a scale) of skin conductivity. Our device homes-in on the point of change. It quickly finds the general level of conductivity and then self-calibrates to become extremely sensitive in that small range of conductivity. It is like an EDA microscope, it identifies the 'microscopic' tiny changes in skin conductivity that occur moment by moment.

This is what makes our biofeedback instrument different; on a moment by moment basis it indicates if the EDA skin conductivity has increased infinitesimally, decreased, or if it has stayed absolutely static.

New Possibilities for Biofeedback Therapists

By focusing on the tiny EDA changes, in fractions of a second, we believe our Noumic Device provides new possibilities for Biofeedback Therapists. It provides new information to use during consultations with clients. For example, are you giving relaxation suggestions to clients, are you exploring clients psychological issues? With our device you see the instantaneous EDA response to each instruction, or to each question you ask.

The Noumic Device has been created by an amateur EDA enthusiast, he created it as a relaxation, or meditation, monitor; a monitor that shows how the body is responding on a moment by moment basis. Being an amateur, working alone without financial backing, has meant that only 1000 of these new Biofeedback Instruments were made, and less than 100 remain available. The inventor hopes, one day, to complete the Noumic Device which he considers to be at 'prototype stage.' The current prototypes work well, but need refinement, and need to be made more robustly. We apologise that the price we ask is excessive; we hope in the future, with large-scale production, the RRP could be below £30.

Biofeedback Therapists and EDA researchers are particularly welcome to test our current prototype EDA Biofeedback Instruments.

Testing our Noumic Device
Information for EDA Biofeedback Professionals / Enthusiasts

The following graphs show data recorded during the development phase of our Noumic EDA Devices.
Our Device was held by someone and connected to a computer to record the data.
The person then engaged in various relaxation exercises.

X axis = Time (seconds)
Y axis = Galvanic Skin Resistance (ohms)

Meditation and the Extra-ordinary EDA Biofeedback Response
Altered State of Consciousness between 150 & 190 seconds

Electrodermal Activity Data graph showing EDA Biofeedback information during a meditation exercise. Shows that Skin Resistance became completely static as an altered states of consciousness was achieved. This graph shows the electro-dermal resistance increasing rapidly as an experienced meditation teacher relaxed his body and mind.

He was asked to aim for an altered state of consciousness, a supremely blissful state, which he reported achieving. This lasted for approximately half a minute.

The EDA data shows an extraordinary 'levelling off,' where skin resistance completely stopped changing.

Psychology research had discovered this unusual phenomena. When people become super relaxed, or enter special / altered states of consciousness their skin resistance completely stops changing. Our data confirms their findings.

We point out here that, our new design of EDA biofeedback instrument was designed specifically to identify when this extraordinary phenomena occurs. It has a white light, or special no-change sound, which only occurs when skin resistance remain completely unchanged, momentarily or for prolong periods.

Special 'Pranic' Breathing Exercise

Data graph of Electrodermal Activity, EDA biofeedback information during a Pranic Breathing. Shows that Skin Resistance was affected by each in-breath and out-breath during this energising type of rhythmic breathing exercise.This graph shows the EDA skin resistance starting from a high point in resistance achieved by an experienced meditator during a preparatory relaxation.

Then he began a special rhythmic breathing exercise, known as 'pranic breathing,' which appeared deep and powerful.

The graph shows the EDA data rising and falling dramatically as a result of his special breathing.

Gentle breathing normally brings relaxation with a corresponding steady increase is EDA skin resistance. However, this type of 'Pranic Breathing' had and overall energised affect.

It is interesting to note, that each rise and fall in EDA matched the individual in-breaths and out-breaths.

Relaxing with eyes opening at around 70 & 130 seconds

Electrodermal Activity Data graph showing EDA Biofeedback information during a relaxation exercise. The affect on skin resistance changed as eyes are opening during a relaxation exercise. This graph shows the EDA, electrical resistance of the skin, gently increasing as the person relaxed; this is the normal response when people relax.

When he opened his eyes there was an immediate affect; resistance reduced. This is consistent with findings of psychologists, increased 'physiological arousal' leads to less skin resistance.

Even without moving the body, simply opening the eyes, there is a distinct affect on the level of skin resistance.


Noumic Device
EDA Biofeedback Instrument

The Noumic EDA Biofeedback Instrument. A pocket size biofeedback therapy tool.

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