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Our Noumic Device is a Computerised Biofeedback Machine

Feedback Concept: Information about some previous action, helps you to decide the next action to be taken. Applied to the human body, it is known as 'biofeedback'.

Psychology Researchers originally called electronic devices that monitor the human body to provide feedback information, 'Biofeedback Machines'.

Our Noumic invention is a new design, computerised Biofeedback Machine. It provides biological information particularly useful for training yourself in mind and body relaxation and nervous system control.

Our Device provides two distinct types of Biofeedback Information for monitoring the performance of the Human Nervous System:-

  1. It provides Human Skin Electro-conductivity Biofeedback Information. (Otherwise known as, the Galvanic Skin Response monitor GSR)

  2. It provides Human Hand Muscle and Nerve Tension Biofeedback Information. (Informally known as a squeezomitor)

Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine held in the palm of a hand. A beautiful geometric design electronic gadget, EDA biofeedback monitor.

Learning Relaxation Skills is Easier with a Biofeedback Machine

A Noumic device biofeedback machine. A beautiful hand held biofeedback monitor with its green, more relaxed, indicator light showing. For example, you want to relax more and decide that reducing heart rate will help. There are techniques for training yourself to reduce heart rate; such as, deep breathing, visualising pleasant things, listening to gentle music, etc... But which technique works best for you?

You can try these techniques and, with information from a heart monitoring machine, see the affect. If a technique causes the heart rate to reduce you can continue with that technique; if the heart rate does not decrease, then perhaps that technique is not right for you.

Our device was designed specifically to help people learn the skill of relaxation, however it is not a heart monitor.

Psychologists Discovered the Usefulness of Biofeedback Machines

The Self-training Biofeedback Concept

  • You try, for example, some relaxation technique with a Biofeedback Machine monitoring your body. You know, or are informed, what body response is associated with relaxation and what response is not.

  • As you try the relaxation technique the Biofeedback Machine gives you the body response information. If this feedback information is a response that indicates relaxation then you know the technique is working for you. If the feedback information does not indicate relaxation then you know the technique is not working, and you can keep trying or adjust your technique.

  • Of course, if the Biofeedback Machine gives moment by moment information, then, you learn the momentary subtle internal adjustments to your body and mind that are helpful and those that are not.

  • With this extra 'bio-information' learning relaxation is made more efficient and speeded up. This also applies to a whole range of self training and self-control learning activities.

Man holding a Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine. Man sat cross-legged, relaxaing or doing meditation, while holding an electronic device, biofeedback monitor.Biofeedback Machine for Developing Relaxation

Biofeedback Machines that provide skin conductivity information are particularly useful for developing relaxation skills because human skin responds immediately as we relax or energise. (Psychologist know this phenomena as the EDA, electro-dermal activity; or the GSR, the galvanic skin response.)

When held gently with unchanging hand pressure, the Noumic Biofeedback Machine precisely monitors changes in skin conductivity. It produces either a light signal or sound signal that correlates to the energising or relaxation changes occurring in the body and mind.

Noumic Biofeedback Machine

  • Beautiful compact geometric design.
  • Comfortable in the hand and easy to use.
  • Simple methods for outputting information by coloured lights or by sound.
  • You can use at night and even take to bed with you.

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Images of the Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine

Holding a Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine. Fingers surrounding a beautiful electronic gadget, biofeedback monitor.
Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine in the dark. An electronic gadget, EDA biofeedback monitor with coloured lights that indicate how the human body is responding.
Hand clasping a Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine. Purple and silver electronic device biofeedback monitor in the palm of a hand.
Hexagon shape electronic device biofeedback machine with its information manual, EDA GSR biofeedback monitor
Beautiful, geometric design Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine. Electronic gadget EDA biofeedback monitor.
Noumic Device Biofeedback Machine in its hexagon shape black box.

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