Spiritualism with a Device?

Spiritualist Development with the use of a Biofeedback Device.

The idea that a Biofeedback Device might help Spiritualists came almost 30 years ago during a group training and experimental day presented by SNU Medium Teacher, Judith Seaman. She demonstrated a primitive skin-conductivity biofeedback monitor and suggested that it could be used for developing skills helpful for mediumship.

This page explains a little about our less primitive Biofeedback Device.

We suggest that, it can help people to develop those relaxed and peaceful mind-states that are conducive to the unfoldment of mediumistic development. And we present some other 'theoretical' ways for using our Device that could enhance spiritual development and enhance the process for training spirit mediums.

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Psychic Development

electronic device, biofeedback monitorA basis for Spiritualist development is the enhancement and control of the 'Subtle' or 'Mystical' Energies within the Human Body. Today, the general term for these Energies is 'Psychic Energy.' The early Spiritualists knew of these Subtle Energies, they called them Life-Force or Vital Force, and Universal Energy. They knew that Subtle Energy could be absorbed into the body, and that the Human Mind could direct and control it. They believed that spirit-mediumship could be enhanced by increasing and developing the supply of Subtle Energy.

We have a dedicated Psychic Development Web-page, which describes how to use our Noumic Device for increasing and developing your supply of Subtle Energy. We also recommend you consider the interesting topic of Human Magnetism, see below.

Human Magnetism

Our inventor was very interested in the writings and Spiritualism Philosophy of an early Spiritualist, Emma Hardinge Britten. Emma was a proponent for investigating into the Human Mind and for exploring and developing its potential. In a series of lectures, given in the year 1865, Emma explained an interesting theory, summed up by the term Human Magnetism. Emma believed that Human Magnetism provided answers for unlocking Human Potential that would bring about greater links between this world and the Spirit World. She said, 'Human Magnetism was the connecting link between Spirit and Mind.'

Here is a summary of the Human Magnetism Theory and its application suggested by Emma Hardinge Britten.

  • Diagram depicting the Human Magnetic Field. Human Magnetism, an energy that surrounds people is created by the flow of Nerve Force Energy within the Brain and Nervous Systems. There is a Subtle form of Energy that flows throughout the Brain and Nervous Systems, this Emma calls, Nerve Force Energy.
    Nerve Force Energy it is not Electrical Energy, although it does have some similar properties.
    (Other names for this Subtle Energy are, Vital Force Energy, Life-Force, and in the East, Prana or Chi Energy.)

    • It flows rapidly, and is stored, throughout the Nervous System and Brain.
    • It creates an Energy Field around the body, that is, Human Magnetism.
    • It can be transmitted to other people.
    • It can be transformed and transmitted a long distance away.

  • The Mind affects the flow of Nerve Force Energy, and gives it an individual quality, or 'colours' it. Because each person is different, the word Personal Magnetism is often used. One's Personal Magnetism, for example, can be strong and vibrant or dull and lacking in vitality.

  • Nerve Force Energy has some special qualities.

    • The Mind can control and direct Nerve Force Energy. By thinking and practicing certain techniques, it is possible to energise and send this Energy to different parts of the body. It is possible to increase the power, to 'charge up,' the Human Magnetic Field.

    • By touch and concentrated thought, it is possible to direct Nerve Force Energy into another person; this can have an energising and healing affect on them.

    • The Mind can send out Human Magnetism Energy to some distance away.

    • Other people's Minds can feel, or sense, your Nerve Force Energy / Personal Magnetism.

    • Nerve Force Energy is the link between the Mind and Nerve Activity, and it is involved with:-

      • Every nerve impulse and muscle movement.
      • Workings the bodily senses.
      • Conscious and unconscious thinking, and will power.
      • Feelings and emotions.

Emma Hardinge believed that, understanding Human Magnetism will bring progress to Humanity. There are methods for absorbing more Nerve Force Energy and for strengthening and enhancing Human Magnetism. Practicing these methods improve potential for Self Spiritual Development and for Spirit Communication.

We have a dedicated Personal Magnetism Web-page, which explains more about Human Magnetism and methods for developing it.

Spiritual Healer's Device

Our Device can monitor the Human Nervous System as people receive Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Healers have not yet tested our Device! Patients have not yet tried it out to see how their nervous system responds to Spiritual Healing. However, we would welcome some feedback. Can it be confirmed that, a Noumic Device is a useful tool for showing Spiritual Healing in action?

Why we believe that our Noumic invention could be a Spiritual Healing Device.

  • Animation showing the changing balance of Relaxation and Tension. Moving diagram to demonstrate the energising and relaxing activity within the Human Nervous System. Psychology research discovered that, there is a changing balance in the general level activity of the nervous system and brain. The general level of activity is either decreasing, we call this relaxation; or increasing, we call it energising. This balance of decrease and increase is happening all the time.

  • Psychology research also discovered that, the changing balance of nervous system activity is reflected in a changing level of electro-conductivity of the human skin. This phenomena is called the Electro-dermal Activity Response, EDA Response.
    The EDA response:-

    • Skin conductivity reduces as the nervous systems relax.
    • Skin conductivity increases as the nervous systems energise, or become more tense.

  • Also, psychology research discovered that, when people become Supremely Relaxed, their balance of tension and relaxation behaves in an extraordinary way; it completely stops changing.

Noumic Device is a highly sensitive EDA Skin Conductivity Monitor. Therefore, it could provide information showing how the Nervous System responds as someone is receiving Spiritual Healing.

The Device gives moment by moment information, so, it could show how Spiritual Healing to different parts of the body have different affects on the Nervous Systems. It would indicate if Spiritual Healing is having a relaxing affect or an energising affect; and, it could show if patients become supremely relaxed.

Inventor was a Spiritualist

For many years, the inventor of our Noumic Device was an active participant within SNU Spiritualism. However, in recent years, he has found other sources of spiritual wisdom more fulfilling.

Mr Perry Rabbitts,
Inventor of our Noumic Device

"A Spiritualist church or centre can be a great source of support for people who are having psychic experience difficulties, or, who wish to safely explore certain types of psychic development. I recommend seeking this sort of help and guidance, it helps to talk, and it helps to be guided by someone with experience."

Spiritualist Development

Within Spiritualism, training for psychic / mediumistic development tends to happen in groups, 'Development-Circles' is the term they use.

  • Part of the time is spent sat in silence.
    This, 'sitting in silence' activity, is not a normal past-time for most people. However, doing it provides an opportunity for people to practice Mindfulness. Without the formal label of Mindfulness, this is precisely what happens during the silence.

  • Part of the time is spent 'giving off' thoughts, sensation, and images that come to the mind.
    Again, this is a sensitive type of Mindfulness. One becomes acutely aware of the activity of the mind and is encouraged to 'give-off', or tell everyone else present, what is experienced in the mind.

Similar to Buddhist Training Techniques

In recent years our inventor has learned some of the Spiritual Philosophy of Buddhism, and practiced Buddhist Mind Training Techniques. Mindfulness of what we are thinking, saying and doing is a practice of Buddhism that correlates in some ways to the Spiritualist Training practice mentioned above.

Our inventor believes that, Spiritualism could benefit by incorporating many of the Buddhism Mind Training Practices into their training techniques; for example, Meditation for developing Concentration, and Contemplation Skills.

Meditation - Going Into The Silence

Spiritualists use the term of 'Going into the Silence,' this is similar to a Deep Meditation State of Supreme Mind Quietness. When people become Supremely Relaxed, their balance of tension and relaxation behaves in an extraordinary way; it completely stops changing. Our Noumic Device can detect this, and its white light, or no-change sound, indicates when it occurs.

We don't know yet if the Spiritualists' experience of Going Into The Silence causes this extraordinary response! However, if an experienced Spiritualist does buy a Noumic Device and reports back positively, we will let you know!

We have several pages about Meditation with our Device. See our Meditation Techniques Web-page where we show evidence that our Device can detect and indicate the extraordinary Nervous System Response to Profound Meditation Experiences.

Blending the Energies

Spiritualists develop in groups, sitting in a circle so that the energy of the group can flow and increase. Early Spiritualist certainly believed that human energy, psychic energy or Human magnetism energy, could flow from one person to the next, and sitting in a circle allows the energy to continually flow and become concentrated. We believe, that our device could be a great use to establish whether people's energy within a group is blending well.

Grow your own Spiritual Development

Mr Rabbitts, our inventor, is in the process of creating another web-site dedicated to presenting Spiritual Development concepts, ideas, and suggestions for exercises and practices. This is called SpiritualGarden.info. In particular interest to Spiritualists is the first exercise on this web-site for proper breathing. This is another method for enhancing your supply of Nerve Force Energy, we recommend that Spiritualist take a look at the SpiritualGarden.info - Breathing Exercise page.

Spiritualist Device, During Spiritualism training practices this Biofeedback Monitor can show how the nervous system responds.
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People familiar with Spiritualism may find this web-page of interest. It refers to old Spiritualist concepts of Nerve Force Energy and Human Magnetism.

It explains how Spiritual Development Practices can be combined with the use of our Noumic Device invention.

The inventor, Mr Rabbitts, recommends the following :-
1865, Addresses - The Philosophy of Spiritualism
by, Emma Harding Britten

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