Self-development Technology 

This website has been created by inventor Mr Perry Rabbitts to attract potential investors and business support professionals.

If you are a Business Angel and investor in new ideas and inventions then here you will find brief details of the business I hope to create with your support.

Photograph of Noumic device top view image. Hexagonal outer form made from silver and purple plastic, with four LEDs on top.

This is my first invention of which 1000 prototypes were manufactured during 2007/2008. It reveals some of the hidden workings of the human nervous systems and mind.

These Noumic Devices were manufactured at a cost of £20 each and achieved a selling price of £65. Large scale production could bring costs down to £10 each, and, I believe a retail price of £40 would make them competitive and attractive to many tens of thousands of customers.

Business USP

I would like to create a brand that provides self-development technology products that support the area of human activity of relaxation and meditation, and enable self understanding of body, mind, and nervous systems that leads to both physical and mental well-being.

There are information and audio resources that help with relaxation and meditation. However, there are very few products that assist with the development of stillness, relaxation and meditation.

Inner stillness and bodily calm is a difficult to quantify and measure but it is possible with modern technology. If people are given the information of how well they are doing it will speed up the learning process and deepen the experience.

Photograph of Noumic device base view image. Hexagonal outer form made of metal and purple plastic, with sound holes on its base .

Noumic Device

In real-time it gives users empirical data that actually helps them in their self development goals towards nervous system stillness, relaxation and inner peace.

I have three other invention concenpts with basic mock-up prototypes ready to add to the product range.

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